Hey, You Put Your Beer on My Village People!

Tune-tastic Christmas Gifts - Recycled LP Record Coasters

Looking for a great gift for that music lover in your life? Check out these eco-friendly recycled Vintage Vinyl LP Record coasters from Vinylux. Vinylux has a unique selection of LP record coasters, party bowls, and even 45 rpm Record Clocks in several fun genres - Rock, Country, Crooners, Heavy Metal, Soul and 70's/80's Pop.

These hand made 4" recycled record coasters are fun conversation starters featuring a random selection of artists from all eras of music - which makes the "vintage" in the name a bit of a misnomer, but they still make a fun unique gift for those audiophiles on your Christmas list. Pick up a couple sets of the record snack bowls, turn on the tunes, get out the groovy duds and have yourself a mighty fine music themed party. (Just don't try to play the coasters on your turn table, beer and The Village People shouldn't be mixed)

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