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3 Sneaky Delicious Desserts With Hidden Veggies

desserts that use hidden vegetables

I love to get creative in the kitchen but finding ways to win over picky eaters with veggies can be challenging. I decided to do a little exploring and found 3 bloggers with super fun dessert or snack ideas that used vegetables in a creative and sneaky way that looked as good as they tasted. What better way to slip in some veggies than hiding them in desserts! This first idea comes from … Continue Reading »

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How to Choose the Best Clay Mask for Hair

healing clay

Nature has given us so many things that have become truly essential for our health and beauty. Let’s take for example the healing clay. A type of soil that comes from the Earth, the clay has been used by ancient Egyptians for its ability to detoxify, heal and revitalize the body. It has been used on various parts of the body including the skin and hair. Today, many women still follow this beauty … Continue Reading »

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Gluten Free Pancakes: A Rather Seedy Grain Free Pancake Recipe

grain free pancakes

I have to say I’m still a kid at heart because I love pancakes (especially with lots of real butter and fresh whipped cream). Do you love pancakes too but have given up on them because you’ve gone grain free? Give your taste buds some love again with this interesting take on gluten free pancakes. I must admit I haven’t gone grain free just yet but I do love trying new kitchen experiments. … Continue Reading »

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Super Simple Melt in Your Mouth Natural Custard Recipe

natural egg custard recipe

Sometimes you need a little indulgent treat to top off the tummy after a delicious meal. But if you’re trying to avoid white refined sugar most store bought custards or even custard recipes you find online are a pretty big no no. Maple syrup comes to the rescue in this delicious melt in your mouth treat that keeps you satisfied – I love that there is no refined sugar added, and it is … Continue Reading »

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Dandelions: Can’t Beat em Eat em – Ten Dandelion Tea Benefits

benefits of dandelion tea

Who knew, dandelion tea benefits our health in numerous ways. It’s true, dandelions are high in many vitamins and minerals and have been consumed for thousands of years as a nutritious edible plant. So if you have been battling those pesky but pretty flowers year after year – just give in and get back by eating them instead of cursing them! I recently discovered an article touting the benefits of dandelion tea, as … Continue Reading »

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Hevea Pond Bath Toys: No More Icky Black Mold in My Rubber Ducky

hevea pond bath toys for sale

Have you ever been blasted in the mouth with a slimy black mold filled jet of water? Just the thought of it makes my stomach do the chicken dance. I’d be willing to bet if you have kids and those kids have cute rubber ducky bath toys the odds are good that THEY have. That’s an even more disturbing thought. So when I ran across an article in Parents Magazine about Hevea Pond … Continue Reading »

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Your Moshi Moshi Handset: A Retro Fad or Life Saving Technology

moshi moshi handset

Have you heard about the Moshi Moshi handset? And did you know that cell phones emit dangerous amounts of radiation? According to an article from the Environmental Working Group studies find significantly higher risks for brain and salivary gland tumors among people who have used cell phones for 10 years or longer. One of the key benefits you’ll enjoy from the Moshi Moshi handset is the elimination of up to 99% of the … Continue Reading »

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Super Creamy Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Recipe

chocolate milk recipe with buttermilk

Do you think you’d enjoy an extra special chocolate milk recipe? (yeah, dumb question it’s chocolate) I have to admit I hadn’t indulged in chocolate milk in a long time – but who says adults can’t enjoy a good chocolate milk now and then? And for that matter who says chocolate milk has to be completely unhealthy? Granted throwing overly sugared chocolate milk power into a glass of milk and giving it to … Continue Reading »

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