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3 Fair Trade Items That Make Unique Ethical Gifts

Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments

Three Fair Trade gifts for Christmas to feel good about Having a hard time coming up with gift ideas this holiday season? If you are like me you have no idea what you want for Christmas much less what to get for the rest of your family members. Well, I figured it was a good time to take a look at eBay’s World of Good for some inspirational Fair Trade items. World of … Continue Reading »

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The Dryer Ate My SmartWool: Thank Goodness for Fair Trade Goodies

Have you ever had one of those moments where you kick yourself for not thinking? I never have, especially the time I ran my SmartWool winter hat through the wash and more importantly the dryer. Fortunately for me I didn’t end up with a thimble sized winter hat – but unfortunately it did shrink and now no longer covers my ears without stretching it as far as I can and wrapping my head … Continue Reading »

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Fair Trade Handmade Gift Basket with Organic Coffee and Chocolates

If you are looking for a unique handmade gift that is both a splash of art for the eyes and a tasty treat for the palate take a look at this fair trade gift basket. This simple yet beautiful handmade beaded basket is chock full of fair trade organic goodies. Includes organic fair trade coffee, three organic fair trade chocolate bars and is rounded off with a box of fair trade chocolate-covered Brazil … Continue Reading »

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To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils and Eco-Friendly Utensil Holder

Do you have a pile of unused plastic utensils at home from various take out restaurants? Are you sick of the excess waste from all these pretty much worthless plastic utensils? To-Go Ware’s founder, Stephanie Bernstein sure was and she had the inspiration to start To-Go Ware and the To-Go line of Bamboo utensils with the clever campaign Reduce Your Forkprint. Well, we recently discovered these Bamboo To-Go Ware utensil sets and fell … Continue Reading »

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Fair Trade Teak Window Boxes: Beautiful and Sustainable

Despite the copious piles of fluffy white stuff strewn about the yard there are tendrils of Spring weaving themselves into each day with promise of more to come in the following week. (I like to help the melting along by kicking a bit (aka gobs and gobs) of snow into the driveway now and then – every little bit helps). This Spring I look forward to trying my hand at a bit of … Continue Reading »

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Fair Trade Chocolates Saved Me From the Dog House

Looking for a very last minute Valentines gift? Or, perhaps a unique “oops I forgot it was Valentines day” make up gift since it is now past the big day. These eco-friendly Fair Trade chocolates are certain to get you out of the dog house – well a little Fair Trade chocolate might help shorten the stay at least. Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolates are created from Amazon cacao beans in Ecuador which are … Continue Reading »

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Black Friday Sale on FEED Bags an Eco-Friendly Life Saver

In the true spirit of earth friendliness and Black Friday super sales Amazon offered a Black Friday Week Lightning Deal on the World Food Programme Feed Bag. The Feed Bags which are normally $35 were on sale for a whopping 71% off which made them only $10. While the big Black Friday sale may be over these eco-friendly FEED bags help support a fabulous cause – feeding school children so they can focus … Continue Reading »

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DIY Wood Coasters: How to Make Wood Coasters

hard wood coasters for sale

I was looking through a box of junk in the closet this morning and I came across several disks of a cedar branch that had somehow found their way into my possession – probably for some art project that was never finished (or started for that matter since I still had the wood disks). I thought to myself “what in the world can I do with these?” Coincidentally this evening I was searching … Continue Reading »

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