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Your Moshi Moshi Handset: A Retro Fad or Life Saving Technology

moshi moshi handset

Have you heard about the Moshi Moshi handset? And did you know that cell phones emit dangerous amounts of radiation? According to an article from the Environmental Working Group studies find significantly higher risks for brain and salivary gland tumors among people who have used cell phones for 10 years or longer. One of the key benefits you’ll enjoy from the Moshi Moshi handset is the elimination of up to 99% of the … Continue Reading »

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Voltaic Solar Backpack: A Solar Backpack for Commuters and Hikers

Voltaic Solar Backpack for Sale

Voltaic Systems VSY1001 Solar Backpack Voltaic Systems Says: The Voltaic solar backpack is a mobile solar power generator designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics. Voltaic bags also use 600D fabric made from recycled PET (soda pop bottles). Recycled PET fabric is lightweight, extremely durable, UV and water resistant. Most importantly, it uses significantly less energy to produce than nylon. Voltaic solar backpacks are both eco-friendly and fashionable! He Says: Ok, when I … Continue Reading »

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Sunforce 15 Watt Solar Battery Charger on Sale

Despite my last rant that Amazon does not have an eco-friendly or green category for their Cyber Week Lightning Deals they do offer some great sales on eco-friendly items now and then. For instance if you are one of the lucky peeps to read this in the next hour or so you might be able to catch this great Lightning Deal on the Sunforce 50032 15 Watt Solar Battery Charger. This 15-watt solar … Continue Reading »

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Goodhope Solar Backpack: G-Tech 5260 Solar Backpack

Goodhope Solar Backpack for Sale

Stay Powered in the Boonies with the Goodhope Solar Backpack Goodhope Says: Travel in eco-savvy style with this solar powered Goodhope Solar Backpack. Fully charged, the G-Tech 5260 Solar Backpack provides 8 hours of power. Includes an AC adapter, USB adapter, and 6 popular cell phone attachments to power them up. Goodhope goes green with Ecoline, our newest range of Earth Friendly products that are stylish, functional and durable. He Says: Goodhope bags … Continue Reading »

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Samsung LED HDTV Now Comes with Free Room Cleaning

samsung led hdtv

If you’ve been drooling over new HDTV technology like I have lately there is lots to be excited about, but if you don’t have enough change left over in the couch crack to swing getting a new 3D HDTV maybe this will light you up… I got a sneak peak at a pretty big deal from a big online store (well okay it was probably sent to everyone who looked at LED TV’s … Continue Reading »

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This Post Stinks, But Not as Bad as Beijing’s Landfill Problem

Environmental news flash: The solution to stinking landfills is under your arms. As you might imagine in a city with a population of 17 million people who are developing bad Western fast food habits the issue of “where do I put my burger bag” is a problem. If it were just a burger bag a piece it may not be an issue but Beijing-ians are tossing out 18,400 tons of waste every day … Continue Reading »

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My Corny Phone Tastes Like Butter: Samsung Reclaim an Eco-Friendly Phone

samsung reclaim

I was digging through an old copy of Popular Science magazine and discovered a review for the Samsung Reclaim M560 cell phone. This Earth Green Samsung Reclaim is, well Green. (Or you can get the Samsung Reclaim Blue – but I’m going somewhere with this so hold your pants) Samsung is following the lead of other tech gadget companies and going green. Why is the Samsung Reclaim Eco-Friendly? The Reclaim is made from … Continue Reading »

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PowerGenix NiZN Rechargeable AA Batteries Saved Me From Vampire Bats!

I was spelunking in South America just this morning, I had my trusty high powered flashlight packed and ready for use when I heard the distinctive screech of an awakened and very thirsty colony of Desmodus rotundus, that’s vampire bats to those not familiar with these fierce man eating creatures. (ok they aren’t man eating but work with me here it’s my story and I’m sticking to it) I reached for my trusty … Continue Reading »

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