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Frozen Yogurt Hearts A Creative Healthy Homemade Valentine Treat Idea

valentine yogurt treats

Ok so you’ve got your Valentine e-cards all ready to send, your Valentine flowers are on order, you’ve even got your Valentine theme iPod case all wrapped up for your sweetie or teeny bopper but what about a little love for yourself. (what do you mean you bought the valentine theme iPod case for you – naughty naughty) Well if you are looking for a little something to relax and enjoy now that … Continue Reading »

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Naturally Nora Cookie Cookie Cake Mix Super Sale

A Cyber Monday sensation to sink your teeth into, this natural cake mix is due for a huge discount in Amazon’s Cyber Monday promotion. (Keep your clicking fingers nice and limber around 12pm PST to snatch up the best price) This 100% natural cake mix has no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, dairy or soy, and is completely kosher. I did notice that it is manufactured in a facility that also handles … Continue Reading »

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Beware of Catnip Crazed Cat: An Herby AeroGarden Overthrow

aerogrow aerogarden

Catnip Crazed Cat Chooses the AeroGrow AeroGarden Paws Down As winter grows closer and closer these days thoughts of square foot gardens and fresh herbs have to be put on hold until next spring. I feel somewhat sorry for my basil plant as it struggles inside and if it had eyes I’m sure they would longingly gaze outside and yearn for warmer days and fresh air. I was perusing the latest “daily deals” … Continue Reading »

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