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Treat Fluffy to Halloween Organic Catnip Toys from Yeowww!

organic catnip toys

Tis the season for creepy crawlies, spooky ghosts and black cats! In all the legends and superstitions about black cats never once have I seen a way to tame these darkly dangerous wildly witchy creatures… until now. (well except for scratching their bellies so they roll over like a fluff ball while you ooooh and ahh over what a nice little kitty they are – but that kind of ruins the dark mysterious … Continue Reading »

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Organic Dog Treats: My Dog Eats Better Than I Do

organic dog treats

Thanks to Big Bark Bakery and their All Natural Bare Bones organic dog treats my dog eats better than I do. Sure we try to eat organic when we can but little Fido (he asked to use a pseudonym for privacy reasons – he’s shy like that) gets the gourmet treatment around here with these mighty tasty organic dog treats. Not that I’ve taken a bite myself to find out, but with ingredients … Continue Reading »

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Feline Pine: Best Cat Litter to Alleviate Cat Asthma

feline pine natural cat litter

I was looking through an old article today titled “The Most Toxic Places in Your Home” and number seven was “Your Cat’s Litter Box”. The author of the article was preparing for the arrival of her new baby girl in a few months and was going through her home looking for toxic areas to de-toxify. We all know about the danger of changing cat litter while pregnant (Cat feces can carry a parasite … Continue Reading »

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Breaking News: Rufus the Puppy Responsible for Organic Dog Treats

organic dog treats

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a puppy named Rufus. Rufus was a good little puppy so he got plenty of dog treats, treats when he held still for a nail clipping and a coat grooming, dog training treats when he rolled over on command and even treats for pretending to speak – he had his owners very well trained. The problem was Rufus was unhappy, not unhappy … Continue Reading »

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