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How to Choose the Best Clay Mask for Hair

healing clay

Nature has given us so many things that have become truly essential for our health and beauty. Let’s take for example the healing clay. A type of soil that comes from the Earth, the clay has been used by ancient Egyptians for its ability to detoxify, heal and revitalize the body. It has been used on various parts of the body including the skin and hair. Today, many women still follow this beauty … Continue Reading »

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Make Homemade Herbal Mouthwash for Better Health and Fresh Breath Too

making homemade mouthwash

Making your own mouthwash is easier than you think and in my opinion can be a great alternative to many store brands because it allows you to be more proactive in your personal healthcare. Besides, making your own mouthwash is kind of fun and you will always know exactly what has gone into it. (Don’t worry, I’ll include my Sage Herbal Mouthwash Recipe below so you can see how easy it is). Artificial … Continue Reading »

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Lime: the Natural Key to the Fountain of Youth

organic lime skin care

Did you know the good ‘ol lime is a powerhouse of natural health and beautiful skin? The easily overlooked little cousin to the lemon is in fact one of the best natural cures for bad skin and may in fact be one of the hidden secrets to the fountain of youth. I was looking through one of those free natural health publications that you find outside “good for you” grocery stores and I … Continue Reading »

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