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Better Oats: Instant Oatmeal that I’d actually feed to my Children

organic oatmeal from better oats

If you’ve looked at the ingredient list of your average instant oatmeal I hope you have a degree in chemistry – or a very nimble tongue, and plenty of time on your hands because the list is long and unpronounceable – not a good sign when buying food. I’ve recently discovered Better Oats® – quite simply as the name implies – they are better oats. Well, instant oatmeal anyway. Better Oats makes 9 … Continue Reading »

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Vegetable Garden Tips and a Gardening Cookbook to Boot

All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook

Spring is still calling… very softly for those of us up north, but when that warm sun teases me through the window I start to get in the mood to play in some dirt and try my hand at growing some nice healthy weeds along with my spinach and basil. Last year I had discovered Square Foot Gardening one of the best selling garden books on Amazon and at the time had noticed … Continue Reading »

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EarthBox VS Square Foot Gardening – And the Winner Is?

Earthbox VS Square Foot Gardening

Ok it’s official EarthBoxes beat out Square Foot Gardening in a tag team cage match, okay I don’t know where that came from I don’t even watch wrestling but if I did the EarthBox container gardening method would be the Hulk Hogan of small space gardening. EarthBox vs Square Foot Gardening, and the Winner Is? When you compare EarthBoxes vs Square Foot Gardening you have to take into consideration what you are looking … Continue Reading »

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Pass the farmers market please: Cell-nique 31 Super foods in a bottle

cellnique superfood drink

I just drank a farmer’s market in a bottle, well at least part of one – I think they left out the organic lotions and grass fed beef thank goodness. This time of year when my garden is two feet under snow it gets a bit hard to just step outside and enjoy some fresh greens not to mention the 31 varieties of super foods that are found in a bottle of Cell-nique. … Continue Reading »

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Rodelle Organic Vanilla Extract: Free Warm and Fuzzies

organic vanilla extract

As the first snow fall of the season blows and blusters about outside and the tinkling bells of snow plow back-up signals set the mood for the coming holidays I was hit by a rather warm comforting surprise. I was staring blankly in my spice cupboard while forging for an early morning snack when my gaze fell on the back of a bottle of Rodelle vanilla extract. I had splurged a bit on … Continue Reading »

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I’m Hooked on Nancy’s Organic Blackberry Kefir

nancy's organic kefir

My girls absolutely love kefir, a delightfully delicious cultured milk similar to yogurt. (and I admit I’m a little addicted as well) Someday we’d even like to make our own if we can find a good source of milk kefir grains, but until we do we like to try various store bought kefir when we find it. We recently found a good one at a local co-op made by Nancy’s – Organic Blackberry … Continue Reading »

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Spring is Calling and So is My Square Foot Garden

Mel Bartholomew Square Foot Gardening

I was just perusing Amazon’s special offers this morning (if you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon you’ll know those offers spring up like a spring dandelion patch) most dealing with a timely nudge to be green for Earth Day when my attention was grabbed by the roots by the number one selling book on Amazon – All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. Since everything is starting to green in our yard … Continue Reading »

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Organic Popcorn With a Gourmet Popcorn Taste

full circle organic popcorn

“The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.” – W.C. Fields You gotta hand it to those lazy people to come up with a new gourmet popcorn recipe no one would have thought of… While it wouldn’t have occurred to me to put popcorn in pancakes until I read that quote by W.C. Fields we did enjoy a nice batch of organic popcorn … Continue Reading »

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