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Chia Oil Pesto – Yum – Pass the Chia Pet Please

chia oil pesto recipe

Love pesto but looking for a change of pace – or maybe a substitute for olive oil in pesto? Have you heard of chia oil? Yes it really is made from the same seeds as those found in late night infomercials and children’s cartoon networks. While I don’t know if I’d delve into the head of my Chia Pet for a late night snack the use of gluten free chia seeds and chia … Continue Reading »

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My Water Kefir Recipe: a Fermentation Experiment

water kefir grains for making water kefir

I went to a local fermentation meetup group about a year ago, eager to learn more about how to make kombucha tea at home, and in the process I stumbled across a “new” (at least to me) type of fermented drink called water kefir. Water kefir has actually been around for thousands of years and goes by many different names including Japanese water crystals. The girl who had brewed this tasty lightly carbonated … Continue Reading »

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Can You Dehydrate Green Smoothies? You Betcha!

dehydrate green smoothie

Someone asked me the other day “can you dehydrate green smoothies?” It got me thinking and the answer is of course you can. The easiest way to dehydrate green smoothies is to calculate the coefficient of friction by dividing the volume of smoothie in Liters by the Square Root of Pi… well ok it might be even easier than that (and more fun if advanced math gives you the willies). Just take your … Continue Reading »

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The Smoothie You Can Chew: Our First Green Smoothie Recipe

green smoothie recipe

If you’ve read my green smoothie inspiration you’ll know our recent adventure into the world of green smoothies has begun with a splash. And true to our kitchen creative nature we had to do some tinkering with the basic green smoothie recipe from the video. We’ve discovered the fun and versatility of making green smoothies, and to my surprise we now have kids who can’t wait to eat their green leafy vegetables – … Continue Reading »

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My Green Smoothie Inspiration and a Green Smoothie Recipe to Boot

making green smoothies

Today I was blasted with a Green inspiration (just the thought of green sends warm flashes of Spring coursing through the room – I just wish some would flow outside where it is a not so springy 17 Degrees Fahrenheit). I was introduced to Victoria Boutenko and her series of books on Green Smoothie recipes thanks to a fellow natural health blogger and her recent post Drink Your Greens. She shared a video … Continue Reading »

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My Date With Mr. Hot Toddy A Natural Cold Fighting Remedy

hot toddy cold remedy

As I sit here with my hot mug of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls tea laced with a bit of oolong I longingly look outside and wonder what it would feel like to bask in the warmth of a natural hot spring right about now. I suppose I shouldn’t complain it is a balmy 31 degrees out, but there is a bit of a nip in the air and I can see a faint … Continue Reading »

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How to Make Coconut Milk for Delightfully Delicious Desserts (and Drinking Too!)

making coconut milk

Today must have been the day of the coconut because as chance would have it I discovered a good article on the healing properties of coconut oil and soon after a new highly reviewed shredded organic coconut made by Let’s Do Organic. (Certified USDA organic; vegetarian/vegan; sulfite-free, unsweetened, 100%-natural, finely shredded dehydrated coconut – yum yum!) Which led me to the idea for this Natural Health Goodies recipe… how to make coconut milk. … Continue Reading »

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