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Eco-Friendly Hand Made Wooden USB flash Drives

If you’ve been wishing you could show off your green nature while playing on the computer I’ve found the perfect thing. Eco-friendly wooden USB flash drives! These custom hand made USB flash drives sold by “buygreenonline” at eBay’s earth friendly World of Good are sure to strike up a conversation at the local coffee shop or library plus you get to show off your eco-friendly nature. (or if you are in a pinch … Continue Reading »

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I Have a Probiotic Flora Farm in my Tummy

Have you ever suffered from colds, flu, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, IBS, yeast infections, allergies, asthma or a good ‘ol ride on the toot-toot train? Well, chances are you could use a shot of probiotics. Probiotics (meaning literally for life) are the “good bacteria” or intestinal flora that form a protective layer in our digestive tract that assist in nutrient absorption and prevent absorption of toxins. In other words this protective layer … Continue Reading »

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Zen Beautiful Fair Trade Organic Yoga Clothes

Going Green has never been so Groovy with these Fair Trade Yoga Clothes I found a delightfully delicious new ebay seller on ebay’s eco-conscious World of Good today. Iron Lion Imports (consciousclothing is their ebay store name) has a huge selection of handmade fair trade goods made in Nepal. A small family cooperative makes all the products, including clothing, jewelry and bags. They utilize traditional Nepalese techniques with modern styles and designs provided … Continue Reading »

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IsaBooties: Earth Friendly & Animal Friendly Baby Shoes

I recently discovered these soft and cuddly handmade Eco-friendly baby shoes called IsaBooties while perusing the many wonderful earth friendly and fair trade products at World of Good. The latest in Eco fashion for babies are 100% animal free (no they don’t come with a free puppy – they just don’t use any animal ingredients or animal testing – although putting a pair on your cat sure would make for a fun show). … Continue Reading »

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Organic ECO Cases for the New iPhone 3.0

As we Mac and iPhone geeks drool over the news from WWDC 2009 my thoughts turn to what eco-cool accessories can we spiff up our new Apple toys with – and particularly the new iPhone 3G S. I was hoping I would find some cool eco-friendly fair trade iPhone cases at eBay’s World of Good, but so far the selection is slim – perhaps they will be inspired by the news from WWDC … Continue Reading »

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Eco-Friendly Basil Grow Kit

What do you get when your Chia Pet mates with your Tiki Doll? If you aren’t familiar with eBay’s new eco-friendly endeavor World of Good be sure to have your laundry basket handy because this place will knock your socks off. I’m sure if you hang around here at Earth Friendly Goodies you’ll be seeing a lot of featured eco-friendly products from World of Good. For example I was in the mood for … Continue Reading »

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