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Cool Nook Cover: The Unique Hemp Eco-nique from i-Nique

Eco-Nique Hemp Nook Cover

I was perusing the halls of eBay looking for interesting eco-friendly products to write about when I was smacked in the face with a unique eco-nique from i-nique – and since that is a lot of niques my interest was immediately piqued by this cool Nook cover. Eco-nique: not just a cool Nook cover that’s fun to say real fast What is an eco-nique you might ask (after your tongue unwinds from saying … Continue Reading »

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To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils and Eco-Friendly Utensil Holder

Do you have a pile of unused plastic utensils at home from various take out restaurants? Are you sick of the excess waste from all these pretty much worthless plastic utensils? To-Go Ware’s founder, Stephanie Bernstein sure was and she had the inspiration to start To-Go Ware and the To-Go line of Bamboo utensils with the clever campaign Reduce Your Forkprint. Well, we recently discovered these Bamboo To-Go Ware utensil sets and fell … Continue Reading »

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Organic Dog Treats: My Dog Eats Better Than I Do

organic dog treats

Thanks to Big Bark Bakery and their All Natural Bare Bones organic dog treats my dog eats better than I do. Sure we try to eat organic when we can but little Fido (he asked to use a pseudonym for privacy reasons – he’s shy like that) gets the gourmet treatment around here with these mighty tasty organic dog treats. Not that I’ve taken a bite myself to find out, but with ingredients … Continue Reading »

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Fair Trade Chocolates Saved Me From the Dog House

Looking for a very last minute Valentines gift? Or, perhaps a unique “oops I forgot it was Valentines day” make up gift since it is now past the big day. These eco-friendly Fair Trade chocolates are certain to get you out of the dog house – well a little Fair Trade chocolate might help shorten the stay at least. Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolates are created from Amazon cacao beans in Ecuador which are … Continue Reading »

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Why I Like Bamboo Towels Better than Cotton

bamboo towels

I encountered my first bamboo towels nearly 5 months ago, strolling around the gift shop of an exotic Chinese Garden in Vancouver Canada. The bamboo fabric was remarkably soft – so soft in fact I was determined to buy it then and there despite the high price tag of $70. I have always been a soft towel nut; unfortunately, my experience with cotton has always been a disappointment. I’ve been told, “you have … Continue Reading »

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Breaking News: Rufus the Puppy Responsible for Organic Dog Treats

organic dog treats

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a puppy named Rufus. Rufus was a good little puppy so he got plenty of dog treats, treats when he held still for a nail clipping and a coat grooming, dog training treats when he rolled over on command and even treats for pretending to speak – he had his owners very well trained. The problem was Rufus was unhappy, not unhappy … Continue Reading »

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Naturally Nora Cookie Cookie Cake Mix Super Sale

A Cyber Monday sensation to sink your teeth into, this natural cake mix is due for a huge discount in Amazon’s Cyber Monday promotion. (Keep your clicking fingers nice and limber around 12pm PST to snatch up the best price) This 100% natural cake mix has no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, dairy or soy, and is completely kosher. I did notice that it is manufactured in a facility that also handles … Continue Reading »

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Vita-Myr: A Natural Gum Disease Treatment and Bad Breath Banisher

vita-myr kids toothpaste

Have you ever had to sleep on the couch because your bed mate had a permanent case of dry mouth dragon breath? Or perhaps you were the one suffering from a bad case of halitosis. Chances are pretty high as we hit the dry winter season that you can sympathize. And truth be told when I get a bit of a cold and have to breathe through my mouth the whole night I … Continue Reading »

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