DIY Projects

Make Homemade Herbal Mouthwash for Better Health and Fresh Breath Too

making homemade mouthwash

Making your own mouthwash is easier than you think and in my opinion can be a great alternative to many store brands because it allows you to be more proactive in your personal healthcare. Besides, making your own mouthwash is kind of fun and you will always know exactly what has gone into it. (Don’t worry, I’ll include my Sage …

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Egg Dyeing Tips and Recipes Using Natural Plant Dyes

using natural plant dyes for easter eggs

Are you looking for more natural egg dyeing tips or recipes this Easter? Just look in your back yard or even refrigerator! Natural plant dyes made from roots, nuts, flowers and berries have been used for ages before we had the unfriendly red dye number whatever. Plus it is much more fun to experiment with a handful of red cabbage …

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