Green Automotive

Sunforce 15 Watt Solar Battery Charger on Sale

Despite my last rant that Amazon does not have an eco-friendly or green category for their Cyber Week Lightning Deals they do offer some great sales on eco-friendly items now and then. For instance if you are one of the lucky peeps to read this in the next hour or so you might be able to catch this great Lightning …

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How to Green Your Car with a Re-Useable K&N Air Filter

performance air filter

Celebrate Earth Day with a K&N Re-Useable Air Filter - an easy way to Green Your Car. With Earth Day roaring into town every year in April in case you don't really pay attention to such things, stores everywhere are gearing up to take advantage of you, err I mean to cash in on your devotion to being green, or …

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FastSkinz: Record Setting Speedo for Your Car

What would you do to save $250 a year in gas? Wear a pink TuTu and dance around the office singing I'm a Little Teapot? How about outfit your car with a Speedo? Both sound a little on the crazy side but the latter is actually an option. Well not really a Speedo but a vehicle wrap material, called MPG-Plus™ …

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My Fuel Efficiency is Better Than Yours

Show Off Your Green Machine - Eco Sticker Style Did you know In 2008, the combined fuel efficiency for passenger cars and light trucks in the US was approximately 24 MPG, while it is already 44 MPG in Europe and 47 in Japan, almost double that of the US! (Source: When I read that statistic I almost dropped my …

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