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Earth Friendly Goodies reviews is brought to you by two artists who enjoy a creative earth friendly life style. In other words we are hikers, bikers, campers, climbers, walkers, runners, skaters, skiers, and of course recyclers and re-users. If you like the rich earthy smell of a Redwood forest, the cool mist of salty sea air, or just the musical rustle of Aspen leaves on a warm summer day you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve selected some of our favorite earth friendly companies and featured products we enjoy or find appealing based on their functionality, style, and over all eco-coolness. We then give a detailed review based on our own experience or research on these earth friendly products. You’ll get a “his” and “hers” perspective as well as product info from the company so you have plenty of valuable information before you decide on which earth friendly product is best for you - before you buy.

What makes a company or product earth friendly?

Many companies these days are making an effort to use materials and processes that are sustainable, organic, or better for the environment than the “other guys”. These companies realize that by taking care of their people, the community and the environment everyone benefits. Their employees care more about the products they make and the company they work for which results in better made, higher quality products for us the consumer.

There is growing support not only for fair trade products around the world, but for companies to produce earth friendly products locally as well. Earth Friendly Goodies is a celebration of this trend, and a fun look at products that are stylish as well as good for the planet - a win win if ever we've seen one.

Many of the companies we feature take this one step further by becoming members of 1% for the Planet and donate one percent of their profits to an organization that gives back to the earth we play on every day.

We are just getting started here at Earth Friendly Goodies so bookmark us and stop by soon to see what eco-goodies we've added to the party. Don't forget to check out the rest of Earth Friendly Goodies where we share more eco-cool products and fun stuff. Thanks and have a mighty fine earth friendly day!

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