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Sarah’s Silks Natural Homemade Halloween Costumes

Sarah's Playsilks Handmade Halloween Costumes

Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys How often do you make or buy homemade Halloween costumes that are used only once because they are too scratchy and uncomfortable to ever wear again? Too often I would imagine. Are you left with a pile of pirates, princesses, and various ghouls and ghosties with no little kiddy to make them …

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Sunforce 15 Watt Solar Battery Charger on Sale

Despite my last rant that Amazon does not have an eco-friendly or green category for their Cyber Week Lightning Deals they do offer some great sales on eco-friendly items now and then. For instance if you are one of the lucky peeps to read this in the next hour or so you might be able to catch this great Lightning …

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Green Cyber Monday Lightning Deals Feeling Blue

Amazon is one of my favorite places to keep my browser tuned to for the best Cyber Monday deals, but this year I am a bit disappointed. There is no eco-geek category! In fact I have yet to see a Cyber Monday Lightning Deal for any eco-friendly related items. Last year I had fun keeping track of a number of …

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To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils and Eco-Friendly Utensil Holder

Do you have a pile of unused plastic utensils at home from various take out restaurants? Are you sick of the excess waste from all these pretty much worthless plastic utensils? To-Go Ware's founder, Stephanie Bernstein sure was and she had the inspiration to start To-Go Ware and the To-Go line of Bamboo utensils with the clever campaign Reduce Your …

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Jambu Montana: Cute Girl Shoes with a Sense of Adventure

jambu montana girls shoe

I was sitting at the computer gazing longingly at a pair of high boots on sale when I caught a flash of hot pink from the corner of my eye - a runaway pink flamingo from the zoo? No couldn't be. I heard the tell tale scrape of the kitchen step stool followed by the brief clatter of the snack …

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Indoor Worm Composting in Small Spaces with the Worm Factory

indoor worm composting

My adventures in Worm Composting in a small apartment begin today! Are you tired of throwing perfectly good food scraps, junk mail, cardboard, and coffee grounds into the trash? I certainly am, but for a long time being wasteful just seemed like one of the unavoidable evils of living in a small apartment and having no yard to speak of. …

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Samsung LED HDTV Now Comes with Free Room Cleaning

samsung led hdtv

If you've been drooling over new HDTV technology like I have lately there is lots to be excited about, but if you don't have enough change left over in the couch crack to swing getting a new 3D HDTV maybe this will light you up... I got a sneak peak at a pretty big deal from a big online store …

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Low Maintenance Eco-Lawn – Best Grass Seed Ever?

Eco-Lawn Grass Seed

What is the Best Grass Seed? I think I have found the best grass seed because I have the perfect lush green eco friendly lawn, well at least in my mind I do. And perhaps thanks to Eco-Lawn from Wildflower Farms that lush green grass I envision will become a reality. Oh, did I forget to mention my perfect eco …

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