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Ahhh Sweet Surrender: A Natural Cough Remedy That Works

maty's natural cough syrup

Winter chills bring sniffles and pills but with this all natural cough remedy, a food based cough syrup you can give your kids some relief without risking harmful over the counter “medicines”. There is nothing worse than hearing one’s child suffer through a winter cold and the hacking night time cough that keeps them tossing and turning all night. It gets to the point where you’ll even consider giving them over-the-counter medications (that … Continue Reading »

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Vita-Myr: A Natural Gum Disease Treatment and Bad Breath Banisher

vita-myr kids toothpaste

Have you ever had to sleep on the couch because your bed mate had a permanent case of dry mouth dragon breath? Or perhaps you were the one suffering from a bad case of halitosis. Chances are pretty high as we hit the dry winter season that you can sympathize. And truth be told when I get a bit of a cold and have to breathe through my mouth the whole night I … Continue Reading »

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No More Fishy Burps Krill Oil is the Omega-3 Superhero

krill oil capsule

The first time I tried fish oil I discovered the downside real quick – it slides down nice and easy but the fishy aftertaste is a real sinker (oops did I just say that? 🙂 ). If that wasn’t bad enough the dreaded fishy burps hit me like a school of sunfish after a handful of breadcrumbs. Top that off with some garlic and onion bagel chips and no one wanted to get … Continue Reading »

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