Your Moshi Moshi Handset: A Retro Fad or Life Saving Technology

Have you heard about the Moshi Moshi handset? And did you know that cell phones emit dangerous amounts of radiation? According to an article from the Environmental Working Group studies find significantly higher risks for brain and salivary gland tumors among people who have used cell phones for 10 years or longer. One of the key benefits you'll enjoy from the Moshi Moshi handset is the elimination of up to 99% of the radiation absorbed compared to the direct use of mobile phones.

The Moshi Moshi Handset while at first glance looks like a quirky blast to the past you might pick up on a lark just to get a laugh from friends may actually be a lifesaving device. The debate about long term cell phone radiation effects has been going on for quite some time. Whether or not you believe you need to be worried about radiation damage from your cell phone is a debate for another time, I for one would rather not take the chance.

The contradiction between the seriousness of radiation and the playful retro look of the Moshi Moshi handset is a bit ironic, or perhaps a deliberate marketing attempt to get your attention about a serious issue with cell phone technology in a non threatening way. Regardless the Moshi Moshi retro handset is much more than a quirky retro gift to get attention.

Moshi Moshi Handset: Fashion Fad or Life Saving Gadget

Have you seen the photo of Orlando Bloom strutting around town with his Moshi Moshi handset? When I saw that photo I chalked the Moshi Moshi up to another celebrity endorsed earth friendly fad - I mean who wants to wear an old fashioned phone around their neck like a throw back to the full sized clock jewelry that was briefly popular in the '80's - well besides Orlando Bloom of course.
orlando bloom moshi moshi handset After doing a bit more research on this crazy new gadget I actually discovered it is being highly rated for the sound quality, functionality, and even to my chagrin overwhelming adoption of its retro looks. Native Union, the makers of the retro MoshiMoshi handset suggests it "combines high style with high functionality…The chic design combines classic style with modern elegance". Honestly I snorted so loudly at that I almost blew my socks through my nose. Since when is an old fashioned corded phone high style or chic?

You've got to hand it to them for their marketing prowess, but it turns out the functionality of the Moshi Moshi Handset is actually getting some much deserved attention.

Here are the overwhelming comments in favor of the Moshi Moshi Handset

  • Can be cradled comfortably between shoulder and chin (remember when you used to be able to do that with your phone?
  • Doesn't get hot like cellphones do. If you use your cell phone a lot this is a biggie
  • Sound quality is better than other wired (and wireless) headsets or phones
  • Looks and feels good in your hand - the feel is not slippery like hard plastic phones of old
  • Customer support is excellent - if you need and adapter for you particular device Native Union is quick to send one out

And of course one of the crucial benefits to the Moshi Moshi Handset is that it is up to 99% free of radiation compared to direct use of your cell phone. Granted this isn't because of some magic radiation blocking technology, but simply that you aren't putting your radiation emitting cell phone right to your head. Give Native Union more points for effective marketing.

If you want to give the Moshi Moshi Handset a try check out these fun retro styles for sale on eBay.

Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro POP Handset Pink
Native Union Moshi Moshi Retro POP Handset Pink
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Mm03i Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset and Iphone Dock New
Mm03i Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset and Iphone Dock New
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Moshi Moshi Retro Handset Features

  • Compatible with all 3.5mm jack mobile phones and computers, including iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad and latest MacBooks
  • Luxurious soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel
  • Noise-reducing technology for a crisp and polished sound
  • One touch button for convenient pick-up/hang-up directly from the handset (not all mobile phone support function)
  • Eliminates up to 99 percentage of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of mobile phones

What is your take on the Moshi Moshi Handset, is it just the latest fad or will it take the world by storm?



  1. Wow…i never thought we would ever go back to this old school telephone receivers but hey, you just made it sound so cool am tempted to go grab one!:-)

    • I know what you mean Paul, it seems like a funny step back in technology but it actually has some great benefits for quality and health even it turns out – who would have known. 🙂

      • so do they still have this handset available? i know someone that is interested in one and aint worried about being seen in public with it!

        • Oh, you bet Paul they are still all over Amazon – in tons of different colors. Your friend must be quite secure in their self image. 🙂

  2. It’s the first time I’ve heard of the Moshi Moshi handset. It’s true what you about cellphones – not being safe because of radiation. It doesn’t look fashionable though but our health is more important than fashion. Besides, Orlando Bloom uses it, for me that’s a good enough reason to use the Moshi Moshi handset. 🙂

  3. I never thought this handset can be a fad! I know this is safer to use, but I can’t imagine myself using it outside my home.

    • Yeah it does seem to be a bit funny to carry around a corded phone in your pocket, but for home use it wouldn’t be so bad. Plus so much better for your brain. 🙂

  4. My sister bought these Moshi Moshi Handset for me. Seriously i like the design of these items but i can’t go outside while putting them on my dress. My first impression was very funny but i don’t want to take these items to go in many places. I don’t have any problem with them and i really like them but for me these items are for house and not outside.

  5. I always knew about brain tumor hazards with the use of cell phones but never knew there could be an alternative! But sadly yes, it will take me a little while embracing this Moshi Moshi handset! I hope they come up with smaller and less funky models for a more common use!

  6. I saw a woman use one of these in the grocery store the other day. I couldn’t stop scratching my head. They don’t seem practical for carrying around but if the sound quality is better than I’d use one indoors.

    • I have yet to see one in public – it would be an odd sight I’m sure. If I hadn’t read about them I would have thought it a gag gift. 🙂 Happy travels Taylor!

  7. Hi chris
    Just by reading the title I had to have a look at this post. I hadn’t heard of the moshi moshi handset and it never occurred to me that it would look like an old fashioned phone handset. Even if it does just end up a fashion statement if it helps us keep the dreaded cell phone away from our ear then it is still doing some goog.

    Looks good to thanks lee

    • It is a rather funny return to the olden days. Funny when new technology reverts to styles kids growing up these days only see in old movies, but if it works and prevents some radiation exposure I’m all for it. 🙂

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