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3 Sneaky Delicious Desserts With Hidden Veggies

desserts that use hidden vegetables

I love to get creative in the kitchen but finding ways to win over picky eaters with veggies can be challenging. I decided to do a little exploring and found 3 bloggers with super fun dessert or snack ideas that used vegetables in a creative and sneaky way that looked as good as they tasted. What better way to slip in some veggies than hiding them in desserts! This first idea comes from … Continue Reading »

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Super Simple Melt in Your Mouth Natural Custard Recipe

natural egg custard recipe

Sometimes you need a little indulgent treat to top off the tummy after a delicious meal. But if you’re trying to avoid white refined sugar most store bought custards or even custard recipes you find online are a pretty big no no. Maple syrup comes to the rescue in this delicious melt in your mouth treat that keeps you satisfied – I love that there is no refined sugar added, and it is … Continue Reading »

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How to Make Coconut Milk for Delightfully Delicious Desserts (and Drinking Too!)

making coconut milk

Today must have been the day of the coconut because as chance would have it I discovered a good article on the healing properties of coconut oil and soon after a new highly reviewed shredded organic coconut made by Let’s Do Organic. (Certified USDA organic; vegetarian/vegan; sulfite-free, unsweetened, 100%-natural, finely shredded dehydrated coconut – yum yum!) Which led me to the idea for this Natural Health Goodies recipe… how to make coconut milk. … Continue Reading »

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