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Chia Oil Pesto – Yum – Pass the Chia Pet Please

chia oil pesto recipe

Love pesto but looking for a change of pace – or maybe a substitute for olive oil in pesto? Have you heard of chia oil? Yes it really is made from the same seeds as those found in late night infomercials and children’s cartoon networks. While I don’t know if I’d delve into the head of my Chia Pet for a late night snack the use of gluten free chia seeds and chia … Continue Reading »

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Wasabi, Spicy Green Goo or Really Good for You?

homemade wasabi sauce

Wasabi sauce-that strange green spicy pile of goo that you always get when you go out for sushi and usually throw away (at least I usually did-since less than a grain of salt’s worth of the stuff makes my head feel like it’s about to come apart at the seams)—well, I had a bad cold which I think turned into an upper respiratory infection and had a real hankering for some sushi one … Continue Reading »

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Organic Pico De Gallo Recipe Earth Friendly Style

Organic Pico De Gallo Recipe

Hey eco guys and gals, what do you get when you throw in some funky groovy tunes, a little organic produce, and a dash of salt all whipped up in high speed? Why, it is this little video on how to make Pico De Gallo! I had to come up with some ideas for supper tonight for a good friend of ours so I thought I could go for some chicken fajitas with … Continue Reading »

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