My Illicit Lactose Intolerant Love Affair – In Public

We met in the dairy section of my local co-op grocery store. The irony of one who is lactose intolerant even being in that isle still strikes me, curiosity perhaps, longing, no desire to have what I could not have. I was feeling a bit naughty, too bold perhaps after just finishing a lascivious chapter of the latest Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel before coming to the store. I glanced up, pulled from my introspection by a voice, a rich sensual voice. I tell myself I never would have had these thoughts, I kid myself, I know who I am – I have needs, doesn’t everyone?

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Dairy-Free Ice Cream I gave into my temptation right there in the dairy isle in front of everyone – I couldn’t help myself. My heart beat faster as we neared, I felt flush. I knew in the back of my mind that people could see me I didn’t care perhaps it even added to the excitement. I started with just the tip of my tongue, a quick touch a caress almost and then more, it had been too long. As I think back on it I am embarrassed to say a little moan may have escaped my lips it was so alluring, sensual I hadn’t felt this intense pleasure in years.

And then we were done, as sudden as it had begun. I realized where I was, what I had been doing. A different kind of heat crept up into my cheeks, I was ashamed, worried. What had I done – and in front of all these people. How could I give into my desire so easily, and then I looked, really looked and a smile spread across my lips, I think I may have even giggled. The display next to the samples said dairy-free gluten free Purely Decadent Cookie Dough frozen dessert. Decadent is an understatement this stuff should be an illicit substance, I took two – I suddenly had plans tonight.

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough “ice cream” is made by Turtle Mountain. It is a dairy free lactose free dessert made from super delicious coconut milk rather than dairy. It contains less than half the fat of super premium dairy ice cream, has only 65% of the calories, and has no cholesterol or trans fats. It is also certified vegan and made with organic ingredients – it is also the best dairy or non-dairy “ice-cream” I have had in ages.

Have you tried any Purely Decadent ice creams? Please share, we’ll live vicariously through you until we can try them ourselves. If you haven’t tried it request a coupon, give it a try and then tell us your story...

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  1. First time I have heard food described in that way although I must say it does look nice in that tub, that would make a good commercial 🙂

  2. You had me at, “Illicit Lactose Intolerant Love Affair!” Thank you for sharing this mouth watering review of Purely Decadent coconut milk icecream and sharing the coupon, I look forward to trying it for myself!

  3. I have been wanting to try coconut milk ice cream in my ice cream maker for a while, maybe we’ll actually get to it today! Sounds so good!

  4. Here in Oregon we have Coconut Bliss out of Eugene. You can see their product here:

    It is so, so, so good! I really like the dark chocolate flavor but they have a variety of other flavors. It’s enough to make me want to get an ice cream maker and try making my own 🙂

  5. I can’t find this in our local grocery store, anyone here can help get the purely decadent coconut milk ice cream?

  6. I recently discovered that sugar was the devil. I truly mean this. I spent 30 days without any sugar ( grains, carbs, icecream, etc) and the way I feel is amazing. I do love ice cream and found this site while doing some research on sugar. Oh, so sad.

    • That’s a great challenge Radzimer, I agree sugar is much worse for us than most people realize. The problem is it is in everything, but if you can eliminate sugar from your diet your body will thank you. Good luck with your sugar elimination.

  7. Aww I feel so bad for people like us who goes into such term. I hated that reason why I consume more than what is necessary on my daily dairy intake. It’s all those guilty pleasures.

  8. Sugar is the culprit. Cut down on sugar consumption to ease the problem.

  9. I’d give anything if I were strong enough to give up sugar! I know it’s the devil, but I weak. I tried giving it up once and lasted only two weeks. ;( Sad, I know. Someone tell me where you get your willpower? I gave up dairy. But I have been unable to kick sugar.

  10. I agree, sugar is the source of lots of problems. Eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible and see what you can tolerate.

  11. Wow! This is the first blog where discussions are made for the foods and its stuffs. It looks great. Nice work. Keep it up.

  12. Do they have more than one flavor?

    Helen Winter

  13. I simply loved this illicit affair and its description. You have missed your calling. You could make a bundle writing something really sensual.

    • Thank you Jane – it was certainly fun stepping out of the boundaries of a traditional product review. 🙂 Not to mention dabble in a bit of creative linguistic exploration…

  14. Funny that this type of of ice cream is popular here in the USA. This type of ice cream (coconut milk) is so abundant in the Philippines that it is shunned among the elites as a “poor man’s ice cream”.

    • That’s interesting, and you are right funny since it is such a premium priced ice cream in the US. Just goes to show what is exotic in one location is commonplace in another.

  15. You could be a great suspense writer for all I know. I did try coconut milk ice cream but it is nowhere near the real thing.

    • Thanks Justine – if one expects coconut milk ice cream to be an exact match to the flavor and texture of a traditional ice cream you will be disappointed. It is a whole new experience and flavor profile. But for those who are lactose intolerant at least it is a great tasting option – and for those that like a treat that is a bit different.

  16. Dang if I were to get into the same addiction I definitely won\’t have it any other way than this! This sure is heaven in all its glory and decadence!

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