Naturally Healthy Coconut Water Without Risk of Injury

If the thought of wielding a massive cleaver gives you goose bumps, but you have a hankering for some fresh coconut water take a look at Vita Coco. All the natural health goodness of fresh young coconuts without the risk of missing fingers, yikes sorry for the graphic image let's stick to a more inviting picture - the image of good health.
coconut water drinks
Coconut water is low in sodium and sugar and very high in potassium (even more than bananas, or sports drinks like Gatorade)

• Coconut water helps raise the metabolism, boost the immune system, and improve circulation (and in a pinch it can be used for blood transfusions since it is identical to human blood plasma - oops sorry that brings us back to the missing fingers quip I'll try to refrain)

If you aren't that familiar with the health benefits of coconut water do some searching and you'll soon find out that coconut water is some amazing stuff (maybe that's why all those commercials you see for vacations in the tropics have all those gorgeous people in them - it must be the coconut water)

But back to the Vita Coco shall we? Not only do they offer plain Jane coconut water that is scrumptious all by itself, they offer many other flavors made with natural fruit purees along with the coconut water. Give the Passion Fruit, Tangerine, Peach & Mango, Pineapple, or Acai & Pomegranate flavors a try - you'll be dancing in tropical vacation commercials in no time.

I have not been paid by Vita Coco to butter them up and make them look good - their products speak for themselves - I am also not endorsed by meat cleaver sellers or emergency room workers for mentioning tragic accidents that might result from improper use of said cutlery - I do however receive a small commission from Amazon for any purchases made through the links on this site so tell all your friends to stop here first and practice hitting that buy button - it does a blogger good

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  1. You can ferment young thai coconuts and you’ll have a super healthy probiotic drink.

  2. Very True Tina thanks for the comment. You can even spruce up your store bought coconut water (like Vita Coco, O.N.E. or Zico) by adding Kefir Starter and letting it sit for 36 hours or so to get the benefits of a fermented young coconut. Perhaps not as good as fermenting the actual coconut but it does add back in many of the “good for you” stuff that was lost. Plus it is easier for those of us not living by coconut trees. 🙂

  3. I would love to buy some good coconut water here in Australia- I imagine that Amazon link probably won’t work for me, but I’ll try anyway. There’s is one organic coconut water I’ve found, but it’s excruciatingly expensive. All the others that aren’t organic have sugar added. I don’t know why people think it needs to be sweetened??
    Anyway, thanks for the Kefir tip too. I think it’s time I just plant my own coconut palm!!!

  4. I would think Amazon ships worldwide I guess I haven’t checked – did you have any luck with it? I like the idea of planting your own coconut palm though – sounds fun. 🙂

  5. Hey we use coconut water if we have urinary tract infection. It definitely helps a lot to ease the pain of our gall bladder when we urinate.

  6. Coconut water is a very nourishing drink which is good for health. It is also said that coconut water helps kids to de worm. I’ve always preferred the coconut flesh more but after coming to know about the health benefits of coconut water, I frequently drink coconut water.

  7. One of the most refreshing natural drinks on Earth is said to be coconut water plus it contains zero cholesterol. And a good natural remedy for urinary infection and kidney diseases.

  8. Hi,
    I didn’t realize coconut water was so good for you. (I had heard how good coconut oil is for you). I did some research and coconut water is good for your skin too, apparently it contains cytokinins which helps to regulate the aging of the skin and more. I’ll have to add this to my shopping list. Thanks

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