Pass the farmers market please: Cell-nique 31 Super foods in a bottle

I just drank a farmer's market in a bottle, well at least part of one - I think they left out the organic lotions and grass fed beef thank goodness.

This time of year when my garden is two feet under snow it gets a bit hard to just step outside and enjoy some fresh greens not to mention the 31 varieties of super foods that are found in a bottle of Cell-nique. Plus you won't find Bladderwrack in my garden (what in the world bladderwrack is I don't know, sounds like one of those coin operated games where you take your aggressions out on a poor plastic gopher with a big mallet)

Whatever it is it's in there and it's organic even - so it must be good for you. In fact all the ingredients in a bottle of Cell-nique are certified organic.
Cell-nique energy drink for sale
According to their site "Cell-nique is the first and only delicious Super Green Vegetable Base Drink made from a blend of 31 USDA Organic Super Foods containing: super vegetables, super fruits and super plant botanicals that support and promote nourishment, cleansing/detoxing, alkaline-forming and rejuvenation of your cells by bathing them in pure phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants." In other words if you drink these every day you'll live to 110, half of which will be spent in the bathroom.

All kidding aside I enjoyed my farmers market in a bottle as they claim, plus I got to type Bladderwrack which I never thought I'd get to do - guess I can cross that one off my bucket list - in fact if I keep drinking Cell-nique I'll have to make a longer bucket list.

Cell-nique is available in nine super funky flavors in three categories (one for each meal perhaps) EARTHY: Japanese Roasted Tea, Apple; FRUITY & REFRESHING: Pomegranate, Lemon-Ginger, Tropical, Berry-Grape; DECADENT: Citrus Vanilla, Root Beer, Dark Chocolate.

Coming soon is the rest of the farmer's market with peppermint lotion grass fed T-Bone, well maybe not (I hope) it would be unique though.

If you'd like to try your very own Cell-nique they do have a few 12 pack varieties of Cell-nique for sale on eBay for a little less than I've seen it for at stores - check it out below.

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  1. Say bladderwrack five times. fast.
    I’ve always wondered about these ‘green drinks.’ The fact that it is all organic and by looking at the ingredient list they seem to pack a lot of goodness in. I’ll look for it at the local store here and if I like it I’ll come back and buy thru your recommendation.
    Thanks for being the guinea pig on this one!

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