Good Old Fashioned Potatoes with Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Every once in awhile you make a meal that just works, it is easy to make and everyone loves it. (if you have kids or a picky spouse that instance can be quite rare and always treasured). That was the case with this potatoes and scrambled eggs recipe.

Just this past Christmas Santa's little elves came up with a winner and granted my wish with the book Nourishing Traditions. If you haven't heard about this natural health resource / cookbook check it out at the library or grab yourself a copy on ebay it really is an eye opening book.

As a new Nourishing Traditions owner it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the prep that can go into a simple recipe if you want to make it in the most, well nourishing traditional way. This morning I was perusing the book for ideas and something must have sunk in because I was inspired to try something new.
scrambled eggs recipe
I have to admit I rarely cook from recipes - usually I use cookbooks for ideas and I let the kitchen creative bug take over… a dash of this, a sprinkle of that and somehow it comes out tasting just fine (or maybe not given the instances of 'I don't like that' from the kids, but picky kids will be picky kids). So this morning I came up with a new scrambled eggs recipe based on a Nourishing Traditions inspiration.

I often get mixed responses from the kids as far as scrambled eggs goes sometimes they like it other times I get the automatic response mentioned above. Well with this red potato and scrambled eggs recipe I "creative kitchen created" it was an overwhelming winner….

Ok fine, enough back story what is the scrambled eggs recipe already?

What you'll need: (since this is a natural health blog I try to use the best ingredients I can get my hands on which would be eggs from pasture fed hens, organic potatoes, cultured butter from pastured cows, farm fresh organic cheese etc.. but you can use what you have on hand I won't tell)

  • Red Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Garlic
  • Sea Salt
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Sweet Onion
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Fresh Basil

The quantities will vary depending on how many you are serving so use your best judgement.

Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs Recipe Prep

Slice the red potatoes into 1/8 inch slices
Sliver a garlic clove
Dice some sweet onion
Chop up a few leaves of fresh Basil

Cook the slices of red potato in a generous amount of butter, seasoning with sea salt and cracked pepper to taste. I also put a few slivers of garlic in while the potato is sautéing.

When the potatoes are soft in the middle yet have a nice golden brown outer appearance remove them from the pan.

Add an additional pat of butter and the rest of the garlic to the pan until the garlic is a nice toasty brown. Add your scrambled eggs to the pan as well as the fresh basil. When the eggs are nearly done put in a handful of grated cheese, sweet onion and any other seasoning you like. I have a homemade seasoning blend in a grinder with dried basil, rosemary, garlic, sea salt, pepper corns and toasted sesame seeds that is just wonderful.

Serve it up and hopefully count the smiles, thank you's and 'I love it's' and save them for a rainy day.

If you think you might try this Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs Recipe, or have a favorite of your own please leave a comment below.

This post on an NT style red potato and scrambled eggs recipe shared on The Weekend Gourmet and Real Food Wednesday.


  1. Scrambled eggs with potato is an amazing combination but you’ve used cheese so this recipe you shared is new to me. I’ve tried with butter but not with cheese and its sounding so yummy. The preparation procedure is also very simple, I’m sure specially parents who have picky eaters at home will love this recipe.

  2. Amazing! I was truly amazed knowing about scrambled egg with potatoes?? Wow, love to try it. I only taste scrambled egg with small pinch sliced tomatoes and it is very delicious. Love to try it out.

  3. Wow! Sounds delicious. I was just looking around to find some new recipe and i’ll look no further. Thanks

  4. Hi Chris, this sounds yummy. I like the way you have done the potatoes in this recipe. Potatoes do work well with eggs. I usually just do my scrambled eggs with hash browns but next time i will try like you have described here.

    • Thanks Rudy, I’ve never been a big fan of hashbrowns but I had some red potatoes that needed using up so I thought what the heck… It turned out great. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  5. scrambled eggs…awesome. potatoes…awesome! now these two together?i dont know how to put it!AWESOME AWESOME! i have actually made this and i loved it. the taste is so unique and different…

  6. And you’re setting the stage so someday your kids will turn around and make something like this for themselves. Mine are teens and up and have started making their own scrambled eggs with added healthy ingredients.

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