10 Dandelion Tea Benefits: Can’t Beat em Eat em

Who knew, dandelion tea benefits our health in numerous ways. It's true, dandelions are high in many vitamins and minerals and have been consumed for thousands of years as a nutritious edible plant. So if you have been battling those pesky but pretty flowers year after year - just give in and get back by eating them instead of cursing them!

I recently discovered an article touting the benefits of dandelion tea, as well as cooking with the leaves and roots so I did a little digging (both in the back yard and online) to discover numerous dandelion tea benefits.

Dandelion and Dandelion Tea Benefits and Nutrition

dandelion tea benefitsDandelion leaves are 15% protein and just one cup of dandelion greens contains 2.1 g of protein, 112% of the daily recommendation of vitamin A, 32% vitamin C, and a whopping 535% vitamin K.

A cup of dandelion leaves also contain 218 mg of potassium, 103 mg of calcium, and 1.7 mg of iron. Throw in trace amounts of zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, folic acid and a handful of B vitamins and you have one action packed punch of good for you health benefits when eating dandelions and drinking dandelion tea.

What Does Dandelion Root Tea Do For Your Body?

Dandelion root extract and dandelion tea have been discovered to cause apoptosis, or cell suicide in several different types of cancer cells without harming nearby healthy cells. Leukemia, prostate cancer cells, breast cancer cells and other drug-resistant melanoma cells have all been shown to be effected by dandelion root tea.

How to Make Dandelion Coffee

(It really does taste quite a bit like coffee)
1. Dig up dandelions with big roots
2. Cut roots into 1/4 inch pieces
3. Roast at 250 degrees F for 2 hours
3. Grind roasted roots in coffee grinder
4. Brew like coffee

Aside from these astonishing results there are many other dandelion tea benefits. Dandelions are potent liver and kidney purifiers. This helps the body rid itself of harmful wastes and toxins.

A natural diuretic this dandelion tea weight loss aide can gently stimulate your body to excrete more water from your system and promote bile production necessary for good digestion and nutrient absorption. More important than the resulting weight loss is the benefit of all the good for you vitamins and minerals and flushing out everyday toxins from the body.

how to make dandelion coffee

Dandelion Tea Benefits Your Skin, Heart, Liver & More!

1. Liver Cleanse: A dandelion tea detox cleanses and stimulates the liver promoting good digestion and removal of toxins. The vitamin-C and Luteolin in dandelion tea keeps the liver functioning well and protects it from age related stress. For the same reason it is good for gall bladder disorders as dandelion tea benefits the function of the gall bladder protecting it from harmful oxidants and infections.

2. Diabetes: Along with the liver cleanse dandelion tea benefits those with diabetes as it stimulates the production of insulin from the pancreas thus keeping the blood sugar levels low. Since dandelion acts as a diuretic it helps remove extra sugar from the blood stream and kidneys.

As an extra boost dandelion tea is slightly bitter which lowers blood sugar levels as well, as all bitter foods do. A note of caution if you have gallbladder or pancreas problems dandelion tea stimulates bile production and might cause severe problems should there be any obstructions so please check with your doctor before trying dandelion tea.

3. Bone Health: Dandelion is high in calcium which of course is good for bone growth, plus the anti-oxidants in dandelion protect the bones from free radicals and bone density loss.

4. Pregnancy: Dandelion tea is a fantastic drink for mothers to be. Not only is it high in much needed vitamins and minerals, but the diuretic properties can help with constipation. Chinese herbalists have used dandelion for centuries to help with sore breasts and as a method to increase lactation. Interesting to note roasted dandelion root is said to taste much like coffee so if you are avoiding caffeine while pregnant try a bit of roasted dandelion root tea!

5. Skin Care and Acne: Dandelion in various forms is great for natural skincare and as an acne treatment. The dandelion "milk" from the stems and leaves has germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties so it can be used to treat itchy rashes like ringworm, eczema, bug bites and even directly on acne. Plus, since dandelion tea is a good detoxifier and diuretic it helps open the pores and cleanse acne causing toxins from the body before they clog the pores and develop into acne.

6. High Blood Pressure: Believe it or not urinating lowers blood pressure - in fact most high blood pressure medication relies on this to lower blood pressure. Dandelion tea benefits those with high blood pressure since it is a great diuretic. Dandelion tea is a good source of potassium which replaces sodium in the body and thus helps lower blood pressure. Also since dandelion is a good source of fiber it helps lower cholesterol which in turn helps lower high blood pressure.

7. Urinary Disorders: Many of the benefits of dandelion tea revolve around its ability to cleanse out the kidneys and urinary system. The diuretic properties of a good cup of dandelion tea benefits those with urinary disorders by eliminating toxins. Plus dandelion juice acts as a disinfectant to inhibit microbial growth in the urinary system to prevent the recurrence of urinary problems.

8. Jaundice: Another liver related condition dandelion tea will benefit is jaundice. Jaundice is caused when the liver produces too much bile, resulting in yellow tinted eyes and skin. Using dandelion tea as a treatment for jaundice will improve the health of the liver which helps regulate bile production.

Excess bile is also removed through the diuretic process of the dandelion tea. The triple whammy in jaundice fighting comes from the antioxidant, disinfectant and anti-viral nature of the vitamin-C and Luteolin in dandelion. Dandelion tea taken in conjunction with sugarcane juice is more effective as sugar needs to be replaced from the excess bile effects on the body.

9. Cancer Fighting: As mentioned above dandelion has been shown to have some pretty amazing effects on active cancer cells. Dandelion tea can also help prevent cancer in the first place because of the strong antioxidant presence of vitamin-C and Luteolin which reduce free radicals in the body. The over all detoxification properties of dandelion help prevent cells from damage as well.

10. Weight Loss Wonder: Dandelion tea weight loss treatments are effective in the removal of water weight because of the safe diuretic nature of dandelion tea. It may not be the weight loss wonder you are looking for but it will help cleanse the cells of excess water weight and give you much needed nutrients and detoxification that will increase overall health while you pursue a healthy weight loss and exercise program. So throw some dandelion greens in a green smoothie and enjoy!

As you can see dandelion is a surprisingly healthy plant - maybe not so deserving of the disdain many of us have for her as she beautifies our lawns.

If you plan to harvest dandelion from your own yard make sure you have not used any chemical fertilizers or weed killer on your lawn as those substances are quite toxic. There are many options to buy dandelion and dandelion tea online so if your dandelions aren't safe to consume take a peek below for a few featured organically grown dandelion teas.

If you find a good source of organically grown dandelion near you it is quite easy to make your own dandelion tea. There are many ways to make dandelion tea - from the flowers, leaves and even the roots. Each method yields a slightly different taste so stay tuned for a few dandelion tea recipes. Until then try out the many dandelion tea benefits with one of these fine organically grown dandelion teas for sale on eBay.

Where to Buy Dandelion Tea

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  1. Ha! This is great, I love the idea that dandelions combat jaundice (I think of jaundice as the “yellowing” disease). I might give this a shot for some of the cleansing benefits. Interesting, too, that it’s considered good for pregnant women – who knew?

    • I was pretty amazed at all the dandelion health benefits too, who knew! Oh, you already said that. 🙂 And that is a bit ironic that by eating yellow dandelions you can help jaundice – although I think there is more benefit from the leaves and roots than the flowers, but still funny.

  2. Mother Nature is full of amazing secrets. For example, dandelions, aloe vera etc have their secrets. It is a fact that every single disease on earth has its cure from plants, roots etc and healthy lifestyle. The cure may take longer but without the side effects. It’s a matter of continuous search and investigation; keep on the good work of sharing!

  3. I didn’t had a clue that Dandelions are edible. The one benefit that catches my eye is the weight loss one. So I’m gonna try it no matter how it tastes. Hopefully it tastes ok.

  4. i went to the supermarket in my area and i didn’t find the Dandelions. when i saw your post, i was really surprise and i wanted to try it. but unfortunately i can’t make that tea. also can you tell me which ingredient i can use to replace to the Dandelions and make an healthy tea.

    • You could try looking on amazon they have a few different kinds of dandelion teas for sale. Or just try making your own! 🙂 If you are interested in making your own herbal tea you should look for a book on herbs local to you – there are tons of varieties of herbs and plants around town you can use to make healthy tea – just make sure you know what you are using – poison ivy tea I would imagine wouldn’t be a good idea. 🙂

  5. I have been eating fried dandelions for years and they are tastie .Take the flower tops dip them in egg roll them in cracker meal make a patty out them and fry them .They taste similar to morel mushrooms

  6. Wonderful plant. From the leave up to the root can be used for health and overcome variety of disease. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Greens are so amazingly nutritious! I’ve seen dandelion greens for sale at our food co-op and even at the supermarket. I have heard the greens taste best before the flowers bloom, so early spring would be a good time to try them. I like Regis’ idea of frying the flowers in batter!

  8. Veggies are so incredibly nutritious! I’ve seen dandelion greens on the market at our co-op and even at the grocery store. I understand the greens flavor is best before the blossoms blossom, so maybe I’ll try them.

  9. Suburban Farm Girl

    Great article! I have read many of the benefits of dandelions in my research, but you included a few I had not read about yet. Thanks! Now to convince my husband not to get rid of the dandelions is another issue… lol!!!


  10. Stepford Sisters

    We featured you in our recent dandelion post 🙂 Love the coffee recipe and can’t wait to try it!!


  11. Every spring when the first dandelions sprouted through the earth, my mother would approach them with a trowel and a bucket and dig up a ‘mess’ for dinner. She loved them, and I ate them but can’t say I liked them much. They were a little bitter for my young taste buds. But now that I know the health benefits, it helps explain her health and the long line of healthy ancestors before her who ate this delicacy every spring.

    • Yes, you definitely have to pick the dandelions at the right time and prepare them the right way or they can be pretty bitter. 🙂 Young ones are the best, I discovered after trying to make dandelion fritters… A little on the bitter side – so I just used the flowers and sprinkled them in some pancake batter – worked a bit better.

  12. My grandmother used to talk about eating dandelions when she was a kid, a fact that sounded bizarre to me. Interesting to know she was on to something.

    • Yes it does sound a bit out there doesn’t it. 🙂 It was a fun experiment though, and I’m sure someone experienced in cooking with dandelions would make something scrumptious we’d all be amazed it was a common weed.

  13. I am so going to get some of this. It sounds so healthy and delish.

  14. Sounds like I will need to get some dandelion tea!

  15. Maybe next time my kids pick them for me, I will hold onto them! I had no idea there were so many benefits. This was such an interesting post and I am defin going to try some of the suggestions!

  16. Dandelions sure have picked up popularity this year! What a great all around article to give some real insight on what all the hype is about! 😉

  17. Fascinating information. I’m particularly interested in the weight loss benefits/assistance as I’m on a major weight loss journey — I’ve done pretty well on my own without dandelion roots, but thinking I should give it a try to kick it up a notch! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I’m on 3 different blood pressure medications. I never realized that they could be diuretics. I Always wondered why I’m constantly running to the bathroom. 😂 Gonna have to try this! Super interesting info.

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