Organic ECO Cases for the New iPhone 3.0

Incipio ECO iPhone and iPod Touch Case
As we Mac and iPhone geeks drool over the news from WWDC 2009 my thoughts turn to what eco-cool accessories can we spiff up our new Apple toys with – and particularly the new iPhone 3G S.

I was hoping I would find some cool eco-friendly fair trade iPhone cases at eBay’s World of Good, but so far the selection is slim – perhaps they will be inspired by the news from WWDC and quickly sew up some winners.

For now take a look at the Incipio ECO|Case an organic canvas case for the iPhone 3G, they also have one for the iPod Touch (which my family has recently gotten me hooked on so I am frantically searching for a good sale). The Incipio ECOcase is available in two colors of eco-coolness an earthy green and a natural black with tan stitching.

Incipio says about the ECO Case: "it uses an Earth first approach, using environmentally friendly materials with a soft lining that cleans and protects the screen" – a must when using your new iPhone 3G S while eating a bag of Cheetos.

Once you snap up one of these eco-cool organic iPhone cases you can give yourself the ‘ol tree hugger pat on the back as you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your new iPhone 3G S all wrapped up in its recyclable PaperFoam packaging. All around earth friendly goodness!



  1. Ooh, I’m loving these eco-friendly iPhone cases. It’s a good move to make these ec0 cases. I’m definitely getting one of these.

  2. Good day Chris I liked your great blog post on Organic ECO Cases for the New iPhone 3G S and iPod Touch. Great job and great blog. I cant wait to read more, keep em comin!

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