Jambu Coastline and Ladybug Sandals for Moms and Daughters

Jambu Coastline Sandals for Sale The shoe fairy has struck again~ as I reach for the box that just arrived outside my front door.... Oooo my new Springalicious Jambu shoes I can't wait to try them on. Although it's been a mild winter I am looking forward to this nice weather and getting some sandals on my feet!!!  Well, I open the box and light up when my eyes are pleasantly rewarded with their new line of All Terra Designs - the Jambu Coastline.

I like the colors and the little details that go into every pair- the soft memory foam foot bed and groovy traction that leaves the unmistakable Jambu foot print. However when I went to put them on, I was thinking to myself "perhaps I've just become a shoe snob" because the cool details/textures I was just ogling over on the pads of the shoe bothered my feet a little... Since I wasn't planning to do the major sandal faux pas, that is wearing socks with my sandals, this new texture was going to take some getting used to.

I wore them right away as I do all my Jambu shoes and noticed these were going to take a little breaking in as well. It didn't take long- within a week I was over the textured sole and my feet were ready for extended hikes and walks- and although I wouldn't recommend them for heavy hiking in the back country I'd say they were perfect for walks around town, a trip to the mall or amusement park and everyday life in general. I love that the Jambu Coastline sandals are light weight, have good airflow and stay clean easily! I hate new shoes that are scuffed on your first day and look worn out after one outing- no my shoe fanatics these Jambu Coastline sandals will be a welcome pair for my spring and summer collection being versatile and functional- my favorite kinda shoes. =)

Jambu Ladybug: A Perfect Match to the Jambu Coastline

Jambu Ladybug Girls Sandals for sale If you have a little girl who is developing her own style and loves fancy shoes too (or she adamantly knows her own style and you have very little say) you'll love the new Jambu Ladybug. If she wants to be like mommy but not necessarily your clone she will love 'em too. The Jambu Ladybug is perfect for a girl who is a little wild and crazy and active and fun.

But, you as a parent want to make sure she has the support she needs for her growing feet and not just a shoe that will be kicked off and discarded because they are pretty but not functional. The Jambu Ladybug are light weight, cute and available in pink, baby blue and green (actually pistachio if you want to get fancy). They are pretty to look at, easy to clean and they stay on nice and go on easy!!! The foot bed is also super comfy memory foam and the recycled rubber outsoles have toe and heel bumpers for extra durability. They are the perfect cute sandal for a little girl and tough enough for everyday real play with their scuff resistant toe bumpers.

As with the Jambu Coastline adult version I wouldn't recommend heavy hiking with lots of rough terrain- but for light hikes, rides with bikes, parks, zoos and everyday life they are the perfect well rounded her kinda personality fitting shoe and will no doubt last the seasons. And with any luck fit her sister too in years to come.

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  1. I want color gray it looks like comfy to wear..Thank you for sharing this post to us..

  2. These sandals are just perfect for summer time.

  3. I want the pink one. too girly and lovely to wear. 🙂 thanks for sharing this 🙂

  4. I like all those shoes.Gonna have one for my mom I’m sure she will like it too.Thanks for posting all those awesome stuff.

  5. Wow! I love both the colors. But pink would be my obvious choice. Still, I’m gonna check all that Jambu Coastline has before I decide. 🙂

  6. The shoes are cute, I had seen one here but it’s expensive. It’s best to wear during the summer and also for walking or on any out door activity. Spikes as well as the comfort of it’s style is what matter most to have a perfect time running or walking wearing this unique sandals.

  7. Wow! I just loved the unique designs of these shoes and i’m so excited to have this. Thanks for sharing this with us. Love it!

  8. Those shoes is really beautiful , I love the unique design and color to form on it… Great.

  9. Wow!good stuff!I think i should get my mum a pair!I think pink would look great on her.

  10. Nice sandal and perfect timing too!

  11. These shoes are very practicable for moms and i think my mom will wear it only to go to shopping or walk small in our area. His price is very affordable too and i can save a bit to buy this shoes for my mom. Thanks for this post, i will choose the color gray or blue as they match with plenty colors.

  12. Hi
    I am sure I saw some sandals like these in our designer outlet. Going back there at the weekend going to take a look. These look great see if I can still get a good deal before the weather gets nice and prices go up.

    Thanks lee

  13. Wow nice sandals. From the designs it looks very good for health. It also look so simple. I like it.

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