IsaBooties: Earth Friendly & Animal Friendly Baby Shoes

IsaBooties Earth Friendly Baby Shoes

I recently discovered these soft and cuddly handmade Eco-friendly baby shoes called IsaBooties (think a more sustainable version of Robeez) while perusing the many wonderful earth friendly and fair trade products at eBay's World of Good (now unfortunately it looks like it no longer exits).

The latest in Eco fashion for babies are 100% animal free (no they don’t come with a free puppy – they just don’t use any animal ingredients or animal testing – although putting a pair on your cat sure would make for a fun show). IsaBooties are also formaldehyde-free, and come in packaging that is recycled/recyclable and printed with soy ink.

They are made in the USA with fair labor, and use fabrics that far exceed the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety. In other words they are good for you, your baby and the ‘ol ground we walk on. Isabooties were created by two mothers Libby and Laura who wanted to provide a more earth friendly version of the soft baby shoes we know and love.

For your buying pleasure you may find a few varieties of IsaBooties for sale below (tell them Earth Friendly Goodies sent you and well, they’ll take your money with a smile that’s about it, but it doesn’t hurt to try)


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  1. I love the dark brown / pale blue colour combination.

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