Hey You’re Sitting on My Reynolds Wrap: New Recycled Aluminum Foil

100% Recycled Reynolds Wrap
If you’ve been hanging out at the ball park watching the kiddieos play a little soccer you’ve been sitting on my future roll of Reynolds Wrap. (I’m going to have to ask you to move – and don’t even think about sticking your gum under your seat!)

Reynolds Wrap now makes 100% recycled aluminum foil made from sterilized food safe aluminum from post consumer and post industrial sources including cookware and, you guessed it, aluminum stadium seats. Cool huh? But what about that gum I saw you put under your seat (bet you didn’t know I saw that?) well, the process of melting down the recycled aluminum requires heating the metal to more than 1200°F, which burns off any debris or gum in the metal. Once it turns into a molten liquid, the aluminum is sent through a filtration process, poured and rolled into thin sheets.

Not only does this help reduce the mining of new aluminum ore you can also recycle the warp again in a continuous circle of eco-friendly recyclitude (yes I just made that up). Visit earth911.com to find a recycling center near you that will take aluminum foil.

To top off the eco-coolness of Reynolds Wrap 100% recyclable wrap the box and core is made from recycled paper and the label is printed with water based inks.

If you'd like to give it a try Reynolds has a 50 cent coupon available HERE


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  1. Christina Goche

    Recycling things around you saves you much if you can be more imaginative on how things should be used out of the trash. This Reynolds company really came up a good idea on recycling Aluminum Foil plus it helps a lot on our environment.

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