Earth Friendly Photo Friday Begins with a Bang

Lichen Leaf Photo Taylors Falls MNLichen da Leaf?

Actually it begins with an "E" and a lichen licking leaf, but who's keeping score anyway? Welcome to the first ever Earth Friendly Photo Friday! Frankly that's a fantastic fandango of "f" sounds, but I digress as I look for an egress under duress perhaps from a little stress. Oh-boy don't get me started.

What is Earth Friendly Photo Friday?

Well, an earth friendly photo is any photo that celebrates the earth - whether that be nature or a picture of your recycling bin - it really is open to a broad interpretation. And Friday, well that is the day after Thursday and before Saturday.

I was pursuing a random blog trail the other day and I happened upon Earth To Holly a fun little photo blog with a plethora of pleasing photos. I was inspired to create my own photo feature here at Earth Friendly Goodies since long ago in a land far far away I played the 'ol photography game. I don't get out enough these days to play with the camera but I do enjoy the beautiful images captured by my fellow artists.

Thus Earth Friendly Photo Friday is born. I'm not sure as of yet where it will go, but I'm hoping it will be a regular feature - let's say on Fridays perhaps? I could open it up to a Mr. Linky type Blog Carnival, or just find and feature my favorite photos from around the web or have artists submit their photos for consideration - or maybe both, the possibilities are earth moving. In a friendly way.

I'll take your suggestions below, and next Friday we'll see just where we sit, or stand, or sit and stand it really is up to you.

First let me Leaf you with a photo - one of my own from early Spring taken at Taylor's Falls, MN. I had a rare day to enjoy all to myself so I went for an early Spring hike on a crisp cloudy morning.

This photo may not be an award winner but I love the subtle green lichen contrasted with the striking orange leaf that was left over from last Fall. I'm also a sucker for lovely texture and this photo certainly has a very tactile attraction for me. I hope you enjoy it - come back next month for Earth Friendly Photo Friday to see what treasure we'll un-earth.

Have a mighty fine Friday from Earth Friendly Goodies.



  1. Oh my, I lichen your photo! I’ve yet to get any leafy pics this fall and you’ve got a nice one here. Thank you so much for the mention and I’m glad you’re starting EFPF–if you happen to go the Mr. Linky way, I’d be honored to make a submission. By the way, thanks too, for all your visits! Have a good weekend! :o)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Holly, and thanks for lichen my photo…

    I think I’ll start out Earth Friendly Photo Friday as a monthly event, say every second Friday of the month, since it is next Friday and I only had time to add one post since then – where does the time go?

    To all the photo lovers who stop by please let me know how interested you might be in a Mr. Linky type set-up. The comment box won’t bite – in fact he’s quite friendly…

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