Black Friday Sale on FEED Bags an Eco-Friendly Life Saver

In the true spirit of earth friendliness and Black Friday super sales Amazon offered a Black Friday Week Lightning Deal on the World Food Programme Feed Bag. The Feed Bags which are normally $35 were on sale for a whopping 71% off which made them only $10. While the big Black Friday sale may be over these eco-friendly FEED bags help support a fabulous cause - feeding school children so they can focus on learning rather than the rumble of their tummies. Learn more below...

The FEED Project is a partnership between the United Nations World Food Programme and Lauren Bush (fashion model, designer and granddaughter to former president George H.W. Bush)

This is an amazing chance to get more for your money and to help a child live a better life. Each purchase of the World Food Programme FEED bag feeds one child in school for one school year. You keep the eco-friendly bag perfect for grocery shopping and a child gets food for a year - a pretty amazing program and a certain Earth Friendly Goodies award winner.

Lauren Bush says about the Feed Bag:
"The FEED bag is a sturdy, reversible bag made out of natural burlap and cotton materials. The design of the bag was inspired by the big bags of food that I have seen being distributed to schools around the world. Besides being a cool bag, it is a tangible way to make a difference in the fight against child hunger. Every FEED bag sold will feed a child for a whole year in school! Thank you for your support of the FEED project! With your help we will be making a big difference in children's lives around the world, one child at a time. So wear your bag with pride!"


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  1. That bag looks nice, but I have so many bags already. Pretty soon, I will be Bag Man. The idea is good though and a worth cause, I suppose.

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