6 1/2 Things to Do With Used Wrapping Paper

AKA I'm Dreaming of a White (Green) Christmas from Behind Bars

Re-using Wrapping Paper
After all the excitement of gift opening is done what do we do with all that used wrapping paper? Well in the spirit of eco-friendliness and originality I have come up with a few fun ideas for re-using wrapping paper - even better than composting the biodegradable wrapping paper - trust me...

1. Make a huge wrapping paper pile and have everyone jump in it while singing Silent Night, at which point the crotchety neighbor next door calls the police to have you arrested. Good family fun - everyone gets matching black fingerprint fingers.

2. Shred it all up punch holes in your walls and stuff it full - the added insulation will make your home more energy efficient. Plus the process of punching holes in the walls makes for a lively stress reliever perfect for family get togethers.

3. Make three ten foot balls of used wrapping paper and roll it around your back yard until you set the world record for largest snow man. Use the temporary fame and status to educate the world on the merits of reusing gift wrap.

4. Gather all your neighbors and have everyone spread their shiny reflective foil wrapping paper out across all the streets and roof tops - then connect them to The Grid where it will provide enough energy to power everyone's christmas lights for 3 years - not to mention allow Santa to fly his new eco-friendly XL3000 Turbo Electric Sleigh back to the North Pole.

5. Ball up each piece of wrapping paper and have a family gift wrap fight. It doesn't serve an eco-friendly purpose but it sure is fun to pepper uncle Dave with his own gift wrap - a little pay back for giving you socks for Christmas... again.

6. Incinerate it making sure to collect the toxic fumes and ash in large insulated balloons that will float up into the atmosphere where the heat and pressure will cause an unexpected chemical reaction which releases oxygen and absorbs enough of the carbon emissions in the world to end global warming. (Hey it's my blog I can make stuff up if I want)

6 1/2. Sort all the paper into piles - Re-use, Recycle and Compost. Yes it is boring and that's what everyone else tells you to do but at least you aren't getting arrested, punching holes in your walls, getting frostbite while setting a world record, illegally paving city streets, getting an eye poked out with flying gift wrap, or playing with toxic fumes and ash.

If you have more fun ideas for what to do with your used wrapping paper leave a comment below. Have fun this holiday season and have a blast with your gift wrap!



  1. I’m a fan of the balled up wrapping paper fight. If a few balls escape clean-up, they can become cat toys later! Of course, the giant, carbon emission absorbing balloon is a more practical way to go 😉

    Fun post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s just like recycling used products in which mother earth would smile about. I like the suggestion that you have in this post. I also like the concept of battling the largest ball of gift wrap and you can do this as well in different occasions.

  3. Now that is what I call creative wrapping!

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