Fair Trade Chocolates Saved Me From the Dog House

Looking for a very last minute Valentines gift? Or, perhaps a unique "oops I forgot it was Valentines day" make up gift since it is now past the big day. These eco-friendly Fair Trade chocolates are certain to get you out of the dog house - well a little Fair Trade chocolate might help shorten the stay at least.
Yachana Fair Trade Chocolates
Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolates are created from Amazon cacao beans in Ecuador which are hand picked and sun-dried in special solar dryers, roasted to perfection chopped into bits and dipped in all natural Amazon cane syrup for a delectably delightful light sweetness.

Not only are these special Fair Trade chocolate nibs a special treat for the tummy you'll get bonus points for supporting a fair trade company that pays its farmers 200%-300% above the local market price for cacao, uses green energy, and uses non-GMO ingredients.

Yachana Gourmet Jungle Chocolates come in several tasty variations including: Brazil nut and coffee, pineapple, macadamia nut, raisin and coconut, and a mixed batch of all of them. Yum.

These Fair Trade Jungle Chocolates are for sale at eBay's World of Good. (maybe a bit late for a last minute Valentine gift - but it could save you from sleeping on the couch another night)

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  1. Wendy (The Local Cook)

    thanks for the reminder . . . all my coffee is fair trade, now I need to work on the chocolate! Not that I buy it much, but it’s good once in awhile.

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