My iPhone Just Got Greener – the Kindle for iPhone App

There have been plenty of articles and blog posts on the eco-friendly Amazon Kindle - the jury is still out I suppose on whether or not the Kindle is as eco-friendly as they claim, but one thing that can't be disputed is that ebook readers are here to stay. For those who buy a lot of books it would certainly seem that the Kindle is easier on the environment - and now for those who haven't taken the kindle plunge and enjoy ownership of one of those new fangled technological music listening or talking devices also known as the iPhone and iPod Touch there is one more thing to add to your must have gadget list. The free Kindle iPhone app! (or iPod Touch Kindle app)
Kindle iPhone and iPod Touch App
The Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a pretty slick app that lets you read kindle books - and the beauty is with Amazon's Kindle for iPhone App (and iPod Touch) you can read Kindle books without owning a Kindle. If you do there are enhanced features like Automatically synchronizing your last page read and annotations between your kindle and iPhone/iPod Touch (with Amazon Whispersync technology), thus you can access and backup your Kindle books via your iPhone or iPod Touch.

One downside so far with the Kindle for iPhone is that Kindle newspapers, magazines and blogs are not currently available on the iPhone or iPod touch - maybe they will add that functionality in the future (but then why would you need to buy a Kindle? So maybe not). But there are plenty of free Kindle books for the iPhone (and iPod Touch - geez they should just call them your iDevices it would be simpler to write about them!)

I've been dreaming about the iPod Touch lately (well not literally, unless you count the one where I show up at school naked wearing nothing but an iPod Touch) so this gives me one more reason to take the plunge - if you already have one and have been on the fence about getting an Amazon Kindle than perhaps the Kindle app is your solution.

What books have you enjoyed on your Kindle or iPhone? Please share inquiring minds want to know...


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