Organic Dog Treats: My Dog Eats Better Than I Do

Thanks to Big Bark Bakery and their All Natural Bare Bones organic dog treats my dog eats better than I do. Sure we try to eat organic when we can but little Fido (he asked to use a pseudonym for privacy reasons - he's shy like that) gets the gourmet treatment around here with these mighty tasty organic dog treats.
Bare Bones Organic Dog Treats
Not that I've taken a bite myself to find out, but with ingredients like organic rye flower, nutmeg and sweet potato these wheat free, corn free, soy free and dairy free organic dog treats sound pretty top notch even by people standards.

Not only are these organic dog treats loaded with simple organic ingredients but each has healthy benefits for "Fido" and your little (or not so little) pooch.

Here's the Break Down on These Organic Dog Treats

Organic Rye Flour: Helps strengthen your dog's immune system
Organic Oat Flour: Good source of protein, iron, copper and other nutrients
Nutmeg: Acts as an anti-inflammatory (plus it's like a gourmet dash of olfactory and palate pleasing pleasure)
Cinnamon: Good for brain function, improves blood circulation, and reduces canine heart disorders
Sweet Potato: Source of beta carotene to help metabolism and immune system
Flax Meal: Fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids (the good for you fats that dogs need - and people too!)

We picked up a box of Sweet Potato Bare Bones organic dog treats on sale at Target, but it looks like you can find Big Bark Bakery dog treats online as well (although last I checked they were waiting for a new shipment from several stores - word has gotten out how good they are I guess)

Update: Unfortunately it looks like Big Bark Bakery has gone to doggy treat heaven such a shame since they were really good treats.

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  1. I never knew they did such things for a dog, I am sure marmite (my Dog) would love them. Thanks for sharing the link i’ll be ordering some shortly 🙂

  2. Awesome to read they did this all for dog! I’m very pleased to read about this entry. Really i was looking forward to read about it. Thanks for this allocation. 😆

  3. It is a shame, that Big Bark Bakery doesn’t exist any more. Do you know someone who gave these product to their dogs? Did dogs like it?

    • From the reviews I read they were pretty popular – they even won some awards back in 2008. I guess not enough people were aware of their products – it is a shame.

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