Rodelle Organic Vanilla Extract: Free Warm and Fuzzies

As the first snow fall of the season blows and blusters about outside and the tinkling bells of snow plow back-up signals set the mood for the coming holidays I was hit by a rather warm comforting surprise.
Rodelle Organic Vanilla Extract for Sale
I was staring blankly in my spice cupboard while forging for an early morning snack when my gaze fell on the back of a bottle of Rodelle vanilla extract. I had splurged a bit on an organic vanilla extract a while back and without even knowing it I was helping the environment.

The Rodelle headquarters in Fort Collins Colorado it turns out is 100% powered by wind or alternate energy sources. And to sweeten the pot they are very active in local and international efforts to improve social and environmental standards such as emergency relief efforts and working toward sustainable growing practices in Madagascar and Uganda where the vanilla bean growers are.

It is heart warming, on a cold pre-winter day especially, to find companies quietly improving the world we live in with something as simple as the vanilla extract we bake with.

Rodelle makes a wonderful line of gourmet baking ingredients and spices including many types of gourmet vanilla extracts and beans upon which the company was founded. If you are looking for high quality organic vanilla extract, alcohol free vanilla extract, some delicious Madegascar bourbon vanilla beans, or just good old fashioned pure vanilla extract give Rodelle a try - and help spread the warmth this holiday season.

I don't recall which grocery store I found my vanilla extract at but it looks like ebay has a selection of Rodelle Products for sale from time to time. Also below is the current selection of Rodelle products for sale on eBay as well (including a pure chocolate extract - yum!)

12 Bottles Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract 8 oz Each Exp 2022
12 Bottles Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract 8 oz Each Exp 2022
Time Remaining: 26d 16h 59m
Buy It Now for only: $59.00
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Rodelle Gourmet Pure ORGANIC Vanilla Extract 4oz Lot of 2 Bottles
Rodelle Gourmet Pure ORGANIC Vanilla Extract 4oz Lot of 2 Bottles
Time Remaining: 22d 8h 49m
Buy It Now for only: $20.00
Buy It Now

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  1. great post – thanks for including those links! headed to buy some beans now..

    • Thanks Liberty – I haven’t tried their beans yet but they sure look delightfully delicious. 🙂 Your chocolate banana muffin recipe looks fantastic by the way, thanks for stopping by.

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