The Dryer Ate My SmartWool: Thank Goodness for Fair Trade Goodies

fair trade winter hats for sale
Have you ever had one of those moments where you kick yourself for not thinking? I never have, especially the time I ran my SmartWool winter hat through the wash and more importantly the dryer.

Fortunately for me I didn't end up with a thimble sized winter hat - but unfortunately it did shrink and now no longer covers my ears without stretching it as far as I can and wrapping my head with duct tape. Since I don't particularly like the fashion statement of a duct tape wrapped head, I need a new winter hat.

I was looking at some of the latest fair trade goodies on eBay's World of Good and I came across a couple super warm looking hand woven winter hats made from African sheep wool. These wool hats are woven by Kenyan women looking to improve their lives and share their excellent weaving skills with the world by making knit hats and scarves.

Working with the Village Markets of Africa (or VMA) Cooperative these women are able to sell their hand made wares to those of us looking to replace our dryer mistakes, or just support the fair trade movement.

These fair trade wool winter hats are selling for a very reasonable $10.95 plus shipping.

Below you'll find these winter hats
as well as other fair trade offerings from VMA.



  1. They are looking very pretty. I love to wear woolen clothes in winter.

  2. Haha, yeah I can never get why pieces of clothing shrink in the dryer. I have a lot of shrunken clothes now so I can totally relate. Great winter hats you found at ebay.

  3. Yup they are looking great! I generally don’t wear hats but the designs are very pretty and trendy. You can get good designs on eBay.

  4. Hi Chris! Thanks for helping Village Markets of Africa spread the word about our Fair Trade mission!

    We’ve got a new website!

    Thanks for all that you do…Be Blessed!


  5. I love Smartwool products, too bad about the shrinkage, I haven’t had that experience. This is an interesting site, I don’t know much about fair trade so this is proving educational.

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