And Let the Earth Friendly Goodies Begin

Welcome to the new Earth Friendly Goodies blog.

The idea behind Earth Friendly Goodies started as a place for us to review eco-friendly products (originally eco-cool handbags and backpacks - be sure to check out our store link for these reviews) along with links to stores that sell these fun friendly products. Simple right?

Well not long after putting together a few reviews we started reading some eco-conscious blogs to see what all the other eco-geeks were doing. And do you know what? We were bitten by the blog monster - you know the one, the one that lurks within great blogs that pulls you in and won't let you go for hours.

So after we finally distracted the blog monster with a piece of our organic chocolate chip Clif Bar, we followed that inspiration and decided to dip our toes into the blogging pool to see just what might bite.

While the design of the Earth Friendly Goodies blog is still a work in progress, we just couldn't wait any longer to get started. Every day we find some eco-cool product that demands to be shared with everyone so why wait any longer? In fact just testing out the 'ol video feature here led me to find this little treasure: A compostable chip bag from SunChips coming in 2010 - give 'er a peep, and have a mighty fine day!


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  1. Just another eco-geek

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store, in your blog and in your store. 🙂 I love the song in that SunChips video by the way.

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