KEEN Oswego Bag: KEEN Messenger Bag Eco-Friendly Pick

Keen Messenger Bag: Keen Oswego for Sale

I was looking through the latest REI catalog adding every other item to my Christmas wish list (the rest of the items went on my birthday wish list) when I spotted the KEEN Oswego bag - a KEEN messenger bag made from re-purposed KEEN shoes and recycled aluminum! How eco-cool is that?

I did a little research and found out that I am behind the times, this KEEN messenger bag was actually released in 2007. (I suppose that is why it was on sale for 28% less than the list price) It turns out that this bag is part of KEEN'S Hybrid.Transport line of bags which incorporate aluminum and rubber materials left over from shoe making. Keen’s Hybrid.Transport line contains 40 percent recycled materials with a goal of reaching 100 percent. That was back in 2007 so I dug a little deeper to see if they were closer to that 100% number by now... My shovel hit hard packed clay though and I wasn't able to find an update.

I did find KEEN's CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FAQ which gives some mighty fine info on, you guessed it KEEN's corporate social responsibility. Which basically gives the low down on all aspects of their efforts to go green and help the community and environment. Good to know the maker of some of my favorite shoes and bags is making such an effort to help the earth their shoes walk on.

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keen oswego messenger bagKEEN Says: The classic messenger bag takes a vertical approach to style with the Oswego shoulder bag from KEEN. The adjustable shoulder strap adapts to your fast-paced lifestyle. Abundant pockets let you organize to your heart’s content.

Dimensions: 11 1/2" L x 14" H x 3 1/2" W

He Says: Earth friendly snuggled up to functionality one night and a new baby was born with this beauty of a messenger bag from KEEN. Here's the low down on this messenger bag that is banging out five star reviews left and right. KEEN has started a new line of bags called the Hybrid Transport. These bags incorporate aluminum and rubber materials left over from shoe making - you know KEEN's signature rubber toe bumper? Well, toss a few of those together wave the magic messenger bag wand and KAPOW you have the Oswego KEEN messenger bag. Made of 100% Recycled aluminum, interior liner, and recycled rubber bottom.

She Says: This Keen messenger bag is well balanced and very functional. I like the Vulcanized recycled rubber bottom which protects the bag from damage. This bag is perfect for an everyday purse, but it is big enough to hold extras for when you're traveling or expect to be away from home all day. Its size is also good for holding magazines without crumpling them, and tall enough to hold a large water bottle inside as well. That being said the only complaint I've heard so far on this bag is that is could be just a little bit bigger - once you have the outside pockets full the inside space is limited somewhat, and it would be nice if the water bottle pocket was big enough to hold a larger sized bottle. Overall though this is a great messenger bag in both functionality and style. Toss in your laptop, and the rest of your personal items and you are ready for just about anything. This ranks up there with my must have gifts of the season.

Earth Friendly Tid Bit: Keen’s Hybrid Transport line contains 40 percent recycled materials with a goal of reaching 100%. The company also packages shoes in boxes made from biodegradable materials, natural water-based latex glue and soy-based inks.

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