Can You Dehydrate Green Smoothies? You Betcha!

Someone asked me the other day "can you dehydrate green smoothies?" It got me thinking and the answer is of course you can. The easiest way to dehydrate green smoothies is to calculate the coefficient of friction by dividing the volume of smoothie in Liters by the Square Root of Pi... well ok it might be even easier than that (and more fun if advanced math gives you the willies).
dehydrate green smoothies with a dehydrator
Just take your favorite green smoothie recipe (you can try our favorite green smoothie recipe if you don't have one yet) but use less water so the constancy of the smoothie is thicker. Spread that out on a non-stick dehydrator sheet or some waxed paper in your dehydrator (or use a new fangled Excalibur food dehydrator with the mesh screens) and twiddle your thumbs until it looks nice and chewy. Roll that baby up and take it to go or dehydrate until it is nice and crispy and you have green smoothie crackers.

The beauty of dehydrated green smoothies is that you retain all that healthy raw food goodness but don't have to lug around a big vat of smoothie - plus you don't get the "what are you DRINKING!" comments from that one skeptical guy at work who always scoffs at you from trying to eat healthy at work.

When I was growing up we went through a few dehydrators, in fact my dad even made one himself that was mighty cool - and big! We had so much fun thinking of dehydrator recipes - I just wish back then I knew about green smoothies, I would have whipped up a batch in no time. Now that I have the urge to experiment again I'll have to pick one up.

If you don't have a food dehydrator yet either, the creme de la creme in food dehydrators among raw foodists (especially for smoothie leathers) is the Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator. You can also get highly rated dehydrators from Nesco for around $50 depending on what features you are looking for. But many have said drying fruit leathers is inefficient and messy with the round style dehydrators, and you can't dry bulky items like flowers or granola because the space between trays is limited.

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Have you tried dehydrating green smoothies? What is your favorite smoothie recipe to dehydrate?

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  1. Interesting! I was not aware that we can dehydrate green smoothies in fact dehydrating a green smoothie didn’t even strike my mind. I need to try your green smoothie recipe. I’m coming across very interesting posts and I’m really feeling glad that I discovered your blog.

  2. Natural Health Magazine

    This article got me planning what I would be bringing to work next week! Thanks!

  3. Wow, great idea. I love turning my green smoothies into other things. I don’t have a dehydrator yet but I’m planning on getting one and this will be one of the first things I’ll make. Are they nice and easy to eat?

  4. I just made my first smoothie. I’m not a fan of vegetables, but it tasted really good. I could really taste the health!

  5. Could you rehydrate this by adding water and shaking it up? I know the consistency wouldn’t be the same…

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