Eco-Friendly Basil Grow Kit

What do you get when your Chia Pet mates with your Tiki Doll?

Basil terracotta planter from Michigan Ceramics
If you aren't familiar with eBay's new eco-friendly endeavor World of Good be sure to have your laundry basket handy because this place will knock your socks off. I'm sure if you hang around here at Earth Friendly Goodies you'll be seeing a lot of featured eco-friendly products from World of Good.

For example I was in the mood for a few nice aromatic basil leaves to toss into a bit of pesto for my world famous pesto turkey burger recipe (well it would be world famous if the world knew about it) and I happened upon this eco-goody from Michigan Ceramics.

This Basil Amazons Home Grow Kit is one of 5 different herb kits for sale - Cactus blend, Pink Poppy, Italian Basil, Lemon Grass, or Catnip (for gourmet pesto turkey burgers for cats). These little herb planters are hand-painted terracotta pots with a wood finish.  These little herby delights also come with a 100% Growing Guarantee - if your seeds die or don't grow for some reason (like your cat decided to play catch in the middle of the night with the catnip Amazon), e-mail them and they will send you new seeds for FREE! All of us black thumbed gardeners have gotta love that right?

Michigan Ceramics was founded is 2008 with the mission to provide high quality terracotta planters, at the lowest possible price, and to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum. Michigan Ceramics is highly involved with charities and gives a large portion of profits to help those in need, such as sponsoring children from third world countries through Christian Children's Fund, as well as purchasing livestock and helpful products for poverty stricken villages around the world.



  1. Andrew Boldman

    Hi, good post. I have been looking for a good way to grow basil, so thanks for posting.

  2. The best information I have found on eco-friendly products. Keep going Thank you

  3. Hi,
    Love the grow kit. Just broke mine and would like to get a new one. Also one for a gift. Where can i order one?

  4. Sorry to hear your grow kit broke Norma, they sure are cute. It looks like the Amazons Grow Kits are no longer for sale. I did find a neat Organic Herb Garden Kit also at World of Good that looks interesting – plus comes in a unbreakable pots made from rice hulls. 🙂
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  5. That is the cutest thing. What would look good next to him would be a scentsy tiki.
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  6. So true, those scentsy tiki’s would make a fine match especially if you had a little sandalwood burning away in there – you’d have a real rain forest right in your living room. 🙂
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  7. Chris, Is that your own basil in the photo you shared?

    Geri Jurado

  8. Thanks Susan for the tips, I think I always wait too long before cutting my basil back – I’ve been trying to cut it back so it gets fuller but sometimes it just has a huge growth spurt straight up. 🙂 I’ve had a lot of luck with the type of pots with the reservoir base that you fill with water – the basil takes what it needs and you just make sure to fill it before it gets dry.
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  9. Chris,

    I wondered how’s your basil now, I bet it is full grown and lots of green leaves.

    Geri Jurado