Samsung LED HDTV Now Comes with Free Room Cleaning

If you've been drooling over new HDTV technology like I have lately there is lots to be excited about, but if you don't have enough change left over in the couch crack to swing getting a new 3D HDTV maybe this will light you up... I got a sneak peak at a pretty big deal from a big online store (well okay it was probably sent to everyone who looked at LED TV's lately but it made me feel special)
Samsung LED HDTV UN55C6500 for sale
For a limited time if you buy a Samsung 6500-Series LED HDTV (either the Samsung UN46C6500 46-Inch or the Samsung UN55C6500 55-Inch) you'll get a free Blu-ray Player, LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter, and a guy who will come out and vacuum and dust your living room!

Well, ok maybe not the free dusting/vacuuming but it does come with Enhanced Delivery, a slick option I wasn't aware of where a representative of the delivery company will bring your TV to any room suitable for testing, unpack it, and ensure that it is working properly to guarantee no damage occurred during transportation. That's a pretty sweet deal!

Samsung LED HDTV Eco-Friendly Features

Now this may not be on your top list of features in this sweet little magic picture box but the Samsung LED HDTV Exceeds ENERGY STAR Standards. (hey this is an Earth Friendly blog and I had to justify writing about sweet new tech somehow didn't I? Maybe Samsung will send me a free LED TV so I can give an in-depth review... fingers crossed)

LED HDTV's are so Energy Efficient they use up to 50% less energy than the latest ENERGY STAR specifications! Not only is it cool to be green these days but it means you are saving money while you stay up all night watching your favorite TV show marathon on your free Blu-ray player.

Check out these bestselling Samsung LED HDTV's for sale below

Samsung UN40JU7100 40 Inch 4K 120hz Ultra HD Smart 3D LED HDTV
Samsung UN40JU7100 40 Inch 4K 120hz Ultra HD Smart 3D LED HDTV
Time Remaining: 23d 17h 45m
Buy It Now for only: $599.99
Buy It Now
Samsung 32 720p LED Smart HDTV HDMI USB Built in WiFi2015 Model UN32J4500
Samsung 32 720p LED Smart HDTV HDMI USB Built in WiFi2015 Model UN32J4500
Time Remaining: 9h 54m
Buy It Now for only: $194.72
Buy It Now

I didn't get any moolah from Samsung to toot their horn (I'll accept a free TV though - doesn't hurt to try) but if any kind soul buys something from an eBay link within this site I will eventually make a enough to buy myself a Samsung LED HDTV - well ok so it would have to be a massive amount of people but it could happen - if you are one of those people thank you kindly.

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8 Responses to Samsung LED HDTV Now Comes with Free Room Cleaning

  1. Leigh says:

    Very cool. They are giving so many free gifts nowadays and the price of the 3d tv’s are coming down dramatically. It would be good if there was a model where you didn’t need to wear glasses but I bet they will be expensive when they come out. Thanks for the good post

  2. Jay Lo says:

    This sounds like a sweet deal but either way when you buy a Samsung you are buying a TV that was built to perform. I have enjoyed mine and it gives me the best HD picture Iโ€™ve seen so far. I have this connected to my HD package from DISH, which delivers over 200 channels free for life. This lets me get the most and enjoy a great selection. I never had an option like this from other providers and it come free. This has been a great way to enhance my employee subscription and I know that I wonโ€™t find a better deal anywhere.

  3. Paul says:

    Awesome deal.. but free room cleaning? Sounds kind of out of place to me. Although I do like the other bonuses that come with the 3D TV.

  4. ecogreen4us says:

    Cool deal. ๐Ÿ™‚ he he he The most important thing is the TV saves a lot of energy

  5. Great deal. How I wished I’d known this earlier.
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  6. DEC Solar says:

    Samsumg LED’s are great, and I’m actually a big fan of anything LED. Other TV’s we’ve had got very warm in our tiny little room and would heat it up. Not with the LED set, and something about the picture on the samsung models is just clearer and sharper….hope Samsung sends you a surprise in the mail!
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