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Hevea Pond Bath Toys: No More Icky Black Mold in My Rubber Ducky

hevea pond bath toys for sale

Have you ever been blasted in the mouth with a slimy black mold filled jet of water? Just the thought of it makes my stomach do the chicken dance. I’d be willing to bet if you have kids and those kids have cute rubber ducky bath toys the odds are good that THEY have. That’s an even more disturbing thought. So when I ran across an article in Parents Magazine about Hevea Pond … Continue Reading »

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Sarah’s Silks Natural Homemade Halloween Costumes

Sarah's Playsilks Handmade Halloween Costumes

Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys How often do you make or buy homemade Halloween costumes that are used only once because they are too scratchy and uncomfortable to ever wear again? Too often I would imagine. Are you left with a pile of pirates, princesses, and various ghouls and ghosties with no little kiddy to make them come alive once the candy has been consumed and the pumpkins have been … Continue Reading »

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BPA Free Dishes for Kids – Unbreakable Dishes that are Tough as Nails

valentine yogurt treats

If you have children I’m sure you wish you could find unbreakable dishes for the kids to use. Even us big kids could use some dishes that don’t break when they slide out of your slippery post dish washing fingers as you play hot potato for what seems like an eternity before it falls to the ground and shatters. Sure there are those ugly plastic dishes (or granted even some cute plastic ones) … Continue Reading »

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IsaBooties: Earth Friendly & Animal Friendly Baby Shoes

I recently discovered these soft and cuddly handmade Eco-friendly baby shoes called IsaBooties while perusing the many wonderful earth friendly and fair trade products at World of Good. The latest in Eco fashion for babies are 100% animal free (no they don’t come with a free puppy – they just don’t use any animal ingredients or animal testing – although putting a pair on your cat sure would make for a fun show). … Continue Reading »

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Best Green Babies in Town

Hello internet land, it is a glorious sunny Sunday with birds signing and the smell of Spring tickling my nose hairs. Um, what, too much information you say? And too spunky for this early on a Sunday morning too? Well, maybe I shouldn’t have had that St. John’s Wort brownie before breakfast. Regardless of the your level of morning spunkitude it is a fine day to celebrate my nieces 1st birthday, and what … Continue Reading »

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