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best baby goods store twin cities green

Hello internet land, it is a glorious sunny Sunday with birds signing and the smell of Spring tickling my nose hairs. Um, what, too much information you say? And too spunky for this early on a Sunday morning too? Well, maybe I shouldn't have had that St. John's Wort brownie before breakfast.

Regardless of the your level of morning spunkitude it is a fine day to celebrate my nieces 1st birthday, and what better way then telling you about a new eco-friendly store I found last week. Twin Cities Green, was recently voted Best Baby Goods Store in the Twin Cities by City Pages magazine (that's in uptown Minneapolis, MN).

I wasn't familiar with them either so I decided to peek at their 'ol web site. Well here's the low down. They not only have baby goods but:

furniture, gifts, home decor, items for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, garden, personal accessories, toys, games, baby gear, bedding, green lifestyle enhancements, gadgets, pet supplies and more!

Yowza! So if you dig living green take a look at Twin Cities Green, they research all their products to make sure they are, well green. Enough said.

Have a mighty fine funky fresh Sunday, from EFG.



  1. Great post!! Always good to see light being shed onto such an important topic. We can all do our part to keep this place(Earth) clean.

  2. green lifestyle is a good practice to do…

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