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I’m A Swell Foop are You? Organic Cotton T-Shirt Giveaway

It’s in the air – no not smog I’m talking about the scent of love and the joy of getting free stuff – no matter your views on the cherubic little angel with the sharp pointy arrows – everybody loves free giveaways right? And Swell Foop is in the mood for love (and love inspired giving). Swell Foop has created two new 100% organic Valentine’s Day themed t-shirt designs celebrating not only the … Continue Reading »

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Feeding Our Communities One Click at a Time

© Jeroen Van Daal “14.2% of rural households are food insecure, an estimated 2.8 million households” Tis the season for family fun and when our family gets together for the holidays it means good food and lots of it. But what is easy to forget when our kids are nestled all snug in their beds, visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, and we, all snuggled up in our warm winter caps watching … Continue Reading »

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Save the Endangered Ice Cream Bean Tree – Help Plant A Billion Trees!

I knew it – there IS such a thing as an ice cream tree (I’m still looking for the money tree, I’ll let you know when I find it). The Ice Cream Bean Tree is found in Central and Southern America. It is called the ice cream bean tree because it produces bean pods up to 1 meter long which contain a sweet, juicy, white pulp that has a soft cotton wool texture … Continue Reading »

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Organic Tea Blend Challenge Winning Recipes

A good tea blend is like a good friend: warm, soft and comforting in all the right places. The other day I had a few minutes to burn while waiting for a take out order so I drifted off in search of some interesting stores in the neighborhood. As always when I see a nice looking organic tea shop I am drawn to its energy like a moth to a flame (so far … Continue Reading »

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Is Your Skincare Toxic? A Most UN-Wanted List of Skin Care Ingredients

Has that pesky Benzine, Propylene Glycol, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate gotten under your skin? After attending a recent seminar on environmental toxins I am left with a burning desire to throw out nearly all my household products. Give them credit for getting the message across eh? We had been slowly switching over to natural products in the let’s use the bad stuff up first and then buy all natural organic products manner. Well, … Continue Reading »

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Save the Rainforest with Green Search Engines

Have you ever been searching the web and thought to yourself “self, I sure wish I could do more to help the environment, but I’m stuck here at my computer all day and don’t have the time to get up and grab an organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich much less do my part to save the planet.” Well, that’s what I was thinking (work with me here I’m using creative license) just … Continue Reading »

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My Fuel Efficiency is Better Than Yours

Show Off Your Green Machine – Eco Sticker Style Did you know In 2008, the combined fuel efficiency for passenger cars and light trucks in the US was approximately 24 MPG, while it is already 44 MPG in Europe and 47 in Japan, almost double that of the US! (Source: When I read that statistic I almost dropped my shorts and did a hula dance out of frustration, I and my neighbors … Continue Reading »

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Frosty Green Root Beer Anyone?

Green beer step aside here comes Green Root Beer! Now I know you’ve heard of green beer, even those without a lick of Irish blood may enjoy a pint or two on St. Patrick’s day, but yesterday we had the joyous surprise of finding green root beer.  Not in the literal sense but just another fine example of green business practices in small town America. We had plans to enjoy a nice sunny … Continue Reading »

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