Is Your Skincare Toxic? A Most UN-Wanted List of Skin Care Ingredients

Has that pesky Benzine, Propylene Glycol,
and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate gotten under your skin?

After attending a recent seminar on environmental toxins I am left with a burning desire to throw out nearly all my household products. Give them credit for getting the message across eh? We had been slowly switching over to natural products in the let's use the bad stuff up first and then buy all natural organic products manner. Well, after that environmental toxins seminar there were a few products that had to go right away, but that still left us with a number of products that weren't "quite so bad."

And then the dilemma set in, how do we tell the bad skin care ingredients from the good? Aside from the "if you can't pronounce it toss it" style of product disposal what dangerous skin care ingredients warrant a toss in the trash and which one's just sound like they should be tossed out?

Kaia House Organic Antioxidant Moisterizer As chance would have it we discovered Kaia House an eco-friendly organic skincare company that consults the internationally recognized Environmental Working Group and their Cosmetics Safety Database to verify the safety of each ingredient in every single one of their products. And fortunately for us they've put together a nice little list called: Kaia's Most UN-wanted List which is an extensive list of synthetic chemicals found in everyday products that should be avoided. Bingo we have our list - and now so do you!

If you aren't familiar with Kaia House give them a try, they have a very nice user friendly web site with lots of great organic and vegan skincare products for women, men, babies and kids. Even better why not try some of their products for free!

Kaia House - Organic and Vegan Skincare Products



  1. Keshawn Ecosystem

    Without those abrasive chemicals, your skin will look and feel as healthy as ever.

  2. With all the skin care products out there on the market, this is a topic that is not discussed nearly enough.

    Great list…I’m adding it to what I already have.

    The key here is to become informed and read the label… this does not just apply to food you eat…its still impacting your health.

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