My Fuel Efficiency is Better Than Yours

Show Off Your Green Machine - Eco Sticker Style

MPG Stickers-show off your fuel efficiency
Did you know In 2008, the combined fuel efficiency for passenger cars and light trucks in the US was approximately 24 MPG, while it is already 44 MPG in Europe and 47 in Japan, almost double that of the US! (Source:

When I read that statistic I almost dropped my shorts and did a hula dance out of frustration, I and my neighbors are glad I did not. It boggles the mind that we in the US can be so far behind EVERYONE in the rest of the world in fuel efficiency.

Granted the awareness in the US for clean energy and fuel efficient vehicles is growing, but we have a long way to go.

One company looking to help spread some eco-cool cheer is MPG Stickers, a company that makes the same style white oval badges you may have seen sporting the "GB" moniker, but with fuel economy numbers that represent a car’s fuel efficiency. So if you drive a vehicle that gets better than 30 MPG show off your eco-friendly pride buy slapping one of these fine stickers on your ride. Only $3.99 plus shipping and handling.

MPG Stickers is a non-profit grassroots campaign which aims to accelerate the adoption of fuel efficient vehicles in the U.S. in order to limit the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases in the U.S. and the world. We aim to do it one sticker at a time!


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  1. This is a really smart idea and I can bet you that if I’m raking in 58 MPH with a Prius I wouldn’t mind bragging. Thanks for sharing, fun stuff.