FastSkinz: Record Setting Speedo for Your Car

What would you do to save $250 a year in gas? Wear a pink TuTu and dance around the office singing I'm a Little Teapot? How about outfit your car with a Speedo? Both sound a little on the crazy side but the latter is actually an option.

Well not really a Speedo but a vehicle wrap material, called MPG-Plus™ that is made by FastSkinz, Inc. This vehicle wrap, that works (and shares a very similar name) like Speedo's Fastskin swimsuits reduces a vehicle’s drag by altering the distribution of air pressure surrounding the vehicle. In other words when air flows over the small golf ball like dimples on the surface of the wrap the drag on the vehicle is reduced resulting in a 20% improvement to fuel efficiency.

In an interview with SkinzWraps CEO Peter Salaverry (FastSkinz is a subsidiary of SkinzWraps) by Popular Science magazine recently it was revealed that you can outfit your car with one of these sexy dimpled fuel saving wraps for around $1,800 and on average they estimated you can save up to $250 a year on gas.... so if you do the numbers you'd have to keep that on your car for 7.2 years to make up your cost.... is it worth it? Maybe, maybe not, but I bet you'd have plenty of fun on the driving range or the swimming pool for that matter. (FastSkinz 5 year warranty does not cover swimming pools however)


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