Vegetable Garden Tips and a Gardening Cookbook to Boot

Spring is still calling... very softly for those of us up north, but when that warm sun teases me through the window I start to get in the mood to play in some dirt and try my hand at growing some nice healthy weeds along with my spinach and basil.

Last year I had discovered Square Foot Gardening one of the best selling garden books on Amazon and at the time had noticed a follow up book aptly named All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook. Now, I am a complete cookbook geek especially when they have good pictures (why a cookbook wouldn't have enticing pictures is beyond me) and this Square Foot Gardening cookbook is a beauty.

Mel Bartholomew Speaks about his Gardening Cookbook

Plenty of nice large colorful pictures of not only the dishes, but also of the vegetables and herbs - even if you aren't a gardener you'll have fun with this gardening cookbook. (But after reading this cookbook I'm sure you'll be at least a little bit inspired to try your own garden)

The author, Mel Bartholomew is a whiz in the garden (how beautiful are those plants in his garden by the way? I wanted to eat right off my monitor but it zapped my tongue) he often says eat fresh, eat healthy and eat what you grow and with a garden like that I'm sure you could make fantastic salads right out of the garden.

square foot gardening cookbook Not only does the Square Foot Gardening Cookbook have more than 135 recipes to enjoy the harvest from your square foot garden (or farmers market, or store if you haven't braved the garden gnomes) Mel adds harvesting techniques and yield information for each of the seventeen vegetables, fruits, and herbs and adds money saving tips, square foot garden tips, and even a kid's gardening corner for lots of family fun.

If you didn't catch my last post on EarthBoxes vs Square Foot Gardening take a peek and try one of these easy methods for yourself then have fun with some fresh from the garden recipes.

Other Gardening Tips in the Square Foot Gardening Cookbook

  • Planting schedule for continuous crop harvesting
  • When to harvest plants
  • How to harvest
  • Tips for storage
  • Plant spacing
  • Kids corner for family fun
Square Foot Gardening  A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work
Square Foot Gardening A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work
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All New Square Foot Gardening II The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Sp
All New Square Foot Gardening II The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Sp
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  1. I think the book helps me realize that there are ways to grow own vegetables and herbs even in a limited place. I like the idea of having a gardening cookbook. It is because one could be sure that the vegetables they are using are organic and didn’t have pesticides.

  2. What a nice product. I usually grow a few vegetables every year myself. Nothing like eating fresh.

  3. I love gardening and planting different vegetables on my backyard. I would really like to have these two cookbooks to learn different recipes for my vegetables, it is important to eat healthy.

    • They sure have some great gardening tips and recipes if you can get your hands on them. Alas, it’s the end of the gardening season around here but I still have some fresh basil growing inside. 🙂

  4. “Plenty of nice large colorful pictures of not only the dishes, but also of the vegetables and herbs – even if you aren’t a gardener you’ll have fun with this cookbook. ”

    A good cookbook can really inspire us to to do amazing techniques in the kitchen. I also think that gardening is one of the best hobbies around. You don’t have to commute because the garden is right outside your home. Your family is always eating fresh veggies. On top of that, you get to beautify the outside apperance of your place.

    Jamie Janusz

  5. Very well said! Vegetables were a good source of proteins and other essential nutrients that have been a good source of energy and help boost our immune system. This one is an interesting topic which I long to learn for I also have this certain crave in eating this vegetables.

    • Yes, you make a good point that many people I’m sure don’t realize… that vegetables have protein. When people think about protein they think meat and dairy, but plants have an even better source of protein that the body can digest much easier. Thanks for stopping by Joanne.

  6. Well, I got hold of one of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening books last spring and build some raised beds and tried out his method. It worked quite well altho we had a wet, cold summer so I am sure things could have gone better with more heat. I loved gardening in this method and will try it again this coming summer and I will be on the look out for his cookbook!

  7. Hi Chris, Nice informative post and i love gardening like cutting the wasted plants, arranged it into beautifully. And i learn so much of things from this post. I hope this post is very useful to me to do in a perfect manner way. And one video clip gives so much of understandable information. Am thankful to share this informative post.

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