Solar Tiki Torches: Solar Patio Lighting with Pizazz

Nothing beats a flaming ball of fire to give a little romantic ambiance to your patio or pool side parties, but if you are looking for something a little less dangerous and more eco-friendly check out these solar tiki torches.

The Solar Tiki Torches Challenge

solar tiki torches for sale
Looking at the solar patio lighting options it looks like there are two contenders for the solar tiki torches challenge. In one corner you have the Moonrays 91206 Solar Powered Tiki Torch Path Light which uses one amber LED and one flickering amber LED to simulate that raging ball of fire that excites and tantalizes our senses - but in a much more subdued way and without the sooty smoke and kerosene smell.

In the other corner is the Paradise Lighting GL23922 Solar Bamboo Look Tiki Torch which uses two flickering LED lights instead of the one fixed and one flickering and has a round top vs a more square top on the Moonrays Solar Tiki torch.

Moonrays Solar Tiki Torches vs Paradise Lighting Tiki Torches

Other than the difference in the lighting style both solar tiki lights are pretty much the same, both run on Rechargable Ni-Cd batteries (included), both stand at 59 inches tall on bamboo tiki torch poles, both have a frosted lens, and both use eco-friendly solar charging panels to power them at night.

Based on the research I've done and the reviews of these solar tiki lights you may want to get different NiCd rechargeable batteries as the one's included don't last very long. Keep in mind that these are NiCd batteries and not the more popular NiMH rechargeable batteries, or new more powerful NiZN rechargeable batteries - I don't know if NiMH or NiZN batteries would work or not - but best to stick with the NiCd unless you really do want that flaming ball of fire atop your new tiki light. Just to be safe.

Look for the best price on these solar tiki torches for sale from eBay and have a flaming ball of fire good time by your pool or patio in no time.

4 5 LEDs Solar Flickering Amber Bamboo Tiki Torch Landscape Stake Light 62 Tall
4 5 LEDs Solar Flickering Amber Bamboo Tiki Torch Landscape Stake Light 62 Tall
Time Remaining: 1d 15h 46m
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Openuye Solar Garden Tiki Torch Light 96 LED Flickering Path Dancing Flame
Openuye Solar Garden Tiki Torch Light 96 LED Flickering Path Dancing Flame
Time Remaining: 16d 1h 13m
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  1. Wow these solar tiki torches look extremely good, I like them 🙂 Maybe I will buy four of these for my house.

  2. Cool way, some valid points! I appreciate you making this article available, the rest of the site is also high quality. Have a fun.

  3. Is the handle made of plastic or metal? Wish I could see it personally. It would be so nice indeed to put some on the poolside for a romantic ambiance.

    • The pole is either made of plastic or bamboo – I know the Paradise Lighting tiki torch has a plastic stake that goes into the ground – the pole itself I think is bamboo. I agree it is always nice to see something in person, you might take a look at local stores and see if they carry them – then find the best price online. 🙂

  4. I haven’t seen any of these torches. I do like the solar equipment, because you don’t have to remember to go out and plug them in and out.

    • I hear ya, the ease of use with solar products can’t be beat. These solar tiki torches would look good with say an aluminum patio umbrella… 🙂 Good luck with your site Crystal.

  5. Tiki torches are a nice touch for our sunrooms. It gives that sort of hawaiian ambiance.

  6. they look really good…

    but aren’t there better batteries by now than NiCd…not to mention the heavy metals they contain?



    • I’m guessing they use NiCd because they are cheaper? There are definitely better rechargeable batteries – especially the batteries they make these days that will hold a charge over a couple years, unlike rechargeable batteries of old that would drain over a couple months.

  7. I really like these lights, they could be ideal for a garden or decking area. But I agree with Vannie and Chris though, you need to see them in person to make a proper assessment.

  8. Nothing beats a home with beautiful and alluring solar tiki torches. They’re the perfect solar energy illumination fixtures for any home as they immensely accentuate it.

  9. These really make so much sense. Solar outdoor lamps are the way to go, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of daylight to charge them up.

  10. This is one great idea spending the night at dawn. With your solar tiki torches, you won’t worry about finding any outlet to plug in and out. You can have your romantic night with your partner if you use this solar tiki torches.

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