Top 5 Natural Health Topics for 2011

It is hard to believe Natural Health Goodies was started in December 2009 - where does the time go? Rhetorical question don't answer that, unless you know the secret to stopping time so I can get more done in a day in that case please leave a detailed explanation in the comments.

This past year has been an exciting ride for Natural Health at least personally as we have meet many fun and knowledgeable real food bloggers, discovered Nourishing Traditions and even gasp, entered the wild world of Facebook for the first time. (Visit us at our fledgling Earth Friendly Goodies Facebook page and please 'Like' us if you want to read about green and natural health goodies from us and other great bloggers)

For fun and remembrance sake I am listing our top five natural health topics for 2011. There are some interesting tidbits and surprising results, well surprising for me maybe since I've been along for the whole ride. If you are new to Natural Health Goodies maybe you can be as surprised next year.

Without further ado (drum roll please) here are:

The Top Five Natural Health Topics for 2011

1. Wasabi, Spicy Green Goo or Really Good for You?

natural health wasabi sauce The number one (and number two as well) post for 2011 was written by our guest author Sandra who loves experimenting with natural traditional foods. In this post she writes about the health benefits of wasabi. At the time she was fighting off a cold and thought maybe wasabi might be good for fighting off colds. If you want to find out what happened check out the post.

2. My Water Kefir Recipe: a Fermentation Experiment

water kefir grains The second most read post for 2011 also by Sandra (I'm starting to get an inferiority complex) was about her water kefir experiment. She shares her experience with making water kefir for the first time as well as many variations and extra ingredients you can try when making your own water kefir. Look for this post to do well in 2012 as well thanks to a mystery Facebook Liker who just shared the post to the tune of 300 extra readers. Thanks mystery Liker! (if it wasn't you pick your favorite post and see if you can beat 300)

3. Is food grade mineral oil really food safe?

mineral oil on cutting boards A more recent post in 2011 was this little debate over the use of mineral oil on wood cutting boards. You may or may not know that mineral oil is a petroleum product but is widely recommended for use in curing wood cutting boards. Personally I can't see how that could be healthy so I started this debate and a quest for an alternative to mineral oil.

4. Hey Who Stole My Cold? Thieves Oil Strikes Again

thieves oil recipe Here is a surprise 4th place finisher since this post was written one month after Natural Health Goodies was first started! Just goes to show some information never gets old. Although I think i may go back and give this one a refresher. Thieves oil was pretty unknown for me until I researched this post, but there are many health benefits to using thieves oil. In fact it is claimed to have a 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria! Read more on the uses for and ingredients in thieves oil, as well as how to make your own in this interesting post.

5. Feline Pine: Best Cat Litter to Alleviate Cat Asthma

feline pine Number five is a great post for natural health cat lovers, and a bit of a debate as well on why traditional clay cat litters are very dangerous for our cats (and people too). We've been using Feline Pine for years now after trying many natural or green cat litter options. If you are using Feline Pine you may be surprised to know there is a cheaper option out there that is basically the same thing - read the post to find out more.

So there you go, five fun posts to dip your toes into if you are new to Natural Health Goodies. These top five are based on overall views for the year - if you want to base the top five on number of comments or interaction look at the bottom of the page for the most commented on posts. As always thanks for visiting we certainly love your commnets (even if I can't spell comments). Feel free to like our new Facebook page and share your own natural health goodies.

Have a mighty fine new year from the gang at Earth Friendly Goodies!



  1. Wasabi has anti-bacterial properties and curbs the growth of germs that cause food poisoning. The main component of Wasabi helps to suppress the cohesion of blood platelets which helps to prevent blood clots. Wasabi curb the growth of mold and yeast and is known to calm stomach disorders.

  2. Great. Wasabi is originally grown and can be found in Japan right? and it can be found also in US. I first taste Wasabi in Sushi because this is good to make your Sushi more spicy and yet very healthy.

  3. great tips.definitely going to try out this wasabi spice…

  4. Hi enjoyed reading your post and some of the comments.
    I will admit I had never even heard of wasabi. That’s why I came on out of curiosity. Glad I did though have had sushi a few times so may of tasted it. Looks like it has got some really good properties. When I finish this post I am going to google it and take a further look.

    So thanks again.

  5. This is really the top natural health topics. The one thing that I’m interested in trying is the Thieves oil. Sounds fun!!!

  6. awsome. The traditional ingredients always interesting and has specific taste. Traditional food also useful as medication and cure some disease. I like this post, so inspiring.

  7. Great health tips to us.Some old says ““For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect.””

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